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Summer On My Mind

I, like many, am ready for summer. Summer weather, summer clothes, summer foods, and summer vacation!!! I realize that not everyone has a teacher schedule for the summer months, but even if you are working or doing what you do 12 months a year I am sure you too look forward the all the sweetness a summer can bring.

With summer quickly approaching I wanted to get a few summer activities out and ready for my teacher peeps. I completed one activity for my students and another for fun. I loved creating this s’mores resource. I have found this digital artist who is creating this adorable clip art and I had to create something with it.

So, I typically blog to blog about life and if my tpt fits awesome, but I really wanted to write and post about how pumped I am for summer themed lesson plans….and s’mores! I love this new resource. I think it is fun and fresh.

Spinner Game
Math and Language Options

I also created a summer language packet for some of my students. My hope is they will complete it by September. Fingers crossed!! I find that they will read over summer, but my focus is on written and oral communication skills. These are harder to maintain without structured activities. It does not have a schedule to it. Many summer packets are connected to a calendar…I want then to want to write at their own pace or mood.

Oral communication Activities
Written Language Activities
Writing Worksheets

Take a look if either of these could help you wrap up and get ready for summer.
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