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Happy Girls are the Prettiest

I love that phrase. Happiness is priceless, but how you achieve that happiness can have a cost. I wanted to share new beauty products that are making me “look prettier”, but most importantly making me feel prettier. I thought about adding to my Buffet page, but I am kinda jazzed about these so why not share a little more.

I love beauty products. Trying new products is totally fun and selfishly rewarding, especially if I find something that is not crazy money. I have tried many, many different brands at different price points over the years. I sometimes go on a quest for a specific category. Maybe you do to!? For example this past winter my lips were chapped. CHAPPED. I honestly have never experienced anything like it. Maybe it is age, harsh winter, or going gluten free??? Whatever the reason my lips felt like they were going to fall off. I had like a hole forming in my bottom lip. I tried many lip products to heal this. Now, I could name things I tried but I won’t. I feel like my lip was the issue…sadly and my job. Being in and out in freezing temps was doing me no favors.


I bought the duo. The spray is awesome too!!!!

One night I was out running an errand and decided to pop into Ulta. I didn’t really want to spend more than 10$ but sometimes a girl gets desperate. I wandered and pondered what was going to take care of my lip issue. I found 2 lip products that worked great. I sort of used them in tandem. They both worked like a dream. Still using…on my restored and normal looking lips. I keep the Mario Badescu balm in my yoga bag. They both smell and taste good. The textures are pleasant and I like this type of application.

This works awesome and I like other products they have as well.


I have very sensitive skin, so I am very cautions about products for my face. I really don’t want to look rashy or break out and this has happened too many times in the past, so sometimes I am much less brave to try new things for my face. However, I was looking into getting a new mask. I know that there are so many different kinds out there and I find this to be overwhelming-so I just looked when I was pushing the cart in the grocery store. Neutrogena is typically a brand I can use. I saw this new mask….or at least new to me and thought why not! I think it works good and it did not irritate my face which is key. The smell was pleasant, didn’t burn, washed of easy and I didn’t feel super tight afterwards.


Beekman 1802 has become a new obsession. I saw this online and thought it would be super cute to get my husband. He complains his legs get really dry…sorry if that is TMI, but it is totally true. He has tried multiple lotions-which he has found something he likes, but I thought maybe lets back up a step and adjust his soap. Maybe a more mild soap will help. I bought an assortment of soaps and the whipped body cream. He thought I was bananas for spending what I spent on soap, but I thought he would 1. like that I am concerned about his comfort 2. love that it is from goats milk. He has this love of goats! He watches cute goat videos on Instagram. Loves to drive by a farm with goats. I personally don’t get it, but hey what ever makes a person happy.

So, you might be thinking at this point…ok, I thought these were products you use??….well they are. I totally love the soap. I use it to shave my legs. I love how I don’t feel tight or dry at all. I would totally recommend this product if you are wanting to treat yourself. I would also 100% encourage you to try the whipped body cream. It is amazing. Yes, amazing. I never feel greasy or gross. I am not a huge fan of lotion or body creams. I would rather feel dry than dirty. I find that many formulas leave me feeling heavy or dirty. So, when I tried this I was hooked. It is so good. This formula sinks right in. I got the unscented version, so I can layer any perfume right over!

Full disclosure I bought all of these from QVC. I love online and I love that they carry awesome products that bundled together. I love a deal!!! So we got bars of soap and the cream together. If you check out the Beekman 1802 site there is there full assortment of products, but if you are looking to save a bit check out QVC. I love how they carry so many beauty brands. I could do a whole post on all of the awesome brands they have now.

Magic in a Bottle

My complexion is fairly light. I try my best to use sunscreen daily and protect myself from the damaging UV rays, so this being said, I do not try to go outside and fetch a tan. I love the look, but I really don’t want to age my skin or run the risk of having anything surgically removed, so over the years I have tried many faux tanners or sunless tanning products. I struggle. I struggle with the color typically. I obviously do not want to look orange. Some people may not think that an underlying orange hue is a terrible thing, but I personally can not pull that off. I try to find a product that doesn’t smell really bad either. I think this is probably true for everyone. I have tried different application processes: spray, mousse, lotion, cream and foam. Each one has pros and cons, but obviously I was still hunting for a product that checked all my boxes. So I heard about these Isle of Paradise drops, thingy, self tanner?!? It seemed intriguing. The concept is simple, you add 1-12 drops to your favorite lotion, mix it in your palm and apply like you would normally apply your lotion (no orange hands). I thought this might be too good to be true….it is NOT. It does what it says. It gave me my desired look. I added 4 drops to my portion of cream and applied. I decided to keep it conservative on the tan factor. My goal was to look like I got a bit of color, not go from pasty white to bronzed goddess. It is too soon to look like that…still in school. It totally worked, didn’t smell gross and zero orange. Oh-and you can use it in your face moisturizer! This product is a total winner. Once I get a deeper look I will post a pic to my buffet page.


Dry shampoo is not completely new to my beauty arsenal, but this year I decided to branch out and try a new brand. I have tried all the ones beauty experts say are the best…most of them are good products and I get good results, but I obviously was still hunting for something better. I think I bought this one, I am now loving, at Target. I am sure it can be purchased many places, but I have a love affair with my red cart-so I am sure I bought it there first. This one is my fave- PLUMP FOR JOY. I like the smell and texture. The name really is what attracted me to it….too funny!!! Not Your Mother’s makes a few other formulations. The only other one I have tried is- Clean Freak. This one comes in a travel size and I like to keep a mini can in my car. I have really tried to embrace the idea of not washing my hair daily. I think my hair and my hair dresser thank me for finally giving into this concept. So everyone is “plumping for joy”.

As you can see I try to shop around and try new things. I am sure there will be new products purchased in the future for other beauty areas, but right now these are winning the health and beauty race. If you liked any of this give me a shout out!!! I would love to hear from you. Maybe tell me what you are using to keep yourself feeling your best!!!


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