The Buffet

So I love a buffet. I love the idea of yummy choices and plentiful variety. This philosophy does not strictly apply to food. My idea for this page is to have a constantly changing list of things I am currently loving, doing, reading, listening to, trying out or watching.

Motivation-I need some…confidence…I need that too. Trying a book that caught my eye because it was pink and the title. Still reading….I’ll let you know if I like it.

UPDATE!!! I really liked this book it was direct and not fluffy. I loved that she kept chapters short and to the point. I could read what I needed and I never felt that she was preaching at me.

Yoga has become something I am totally doing and enjoying. I went gluten free a year ago-not by choice. Life changing!!! I can move again.

Book Club- I love being in a book club. Currently we are reading An Anonymous Girl. I didn’t read the book, I listened to the Audible version on Amazon.

I am currently in love with these headbands from Maven Thread. They work. Its really that simple. Sundays never looked so good.

Update: Yessss I have issues!!! A second hook was put up…

Post it notes…sticky notes whatever you call them. I love them. I use them. I always have them in my teaching bag. Sometimes they are needed for an actual note or they become a lesson. Not a planned lesson of course, but something on the fly that needs to be taught, review or quickly pre-taught. So I love these little sticky squares.

Rae Dunn….lets talk about it. This is a love. I hold back. I try to limit myself. I tell myself when I buy it as a gift it isn’t feeding my addiction. There should be 12 step support groups for those of us that have a hard time pushing the cart past.

I love to accessorize! I feel like a boring tee can look totally fun if you pop it with a cute earring, necklace or bracelets. I have been ordering some super cute stuff from a woman who lives in my area and has an online boutique. I love how she is keeping it fresh.

So I love to get my lashes done. It all started with a lift and tint. It was like a gateway….to a totally selfish and semi pricey splurge. I try to consider it self care and time management….haha….less time I spend primping in the morning. The self care comes in while I lay there in peace getting them done!!!