The Buffet

So I love a buffet. I love the idea of yummy choices and plentiful variety. This philosophy does not strictly apply to food. My idea for this page is to have a constantly changing list of things I am currently loving, doing, reading, listening to, trying out or watching.

Yoga has become something I am totally doing and enjoying. I went gluten free a year ago-not by choice. Life changing!!! I can move again.

Yoga has taken a different path these days. I am doing a lot of home practice. I have made a space for it, because this seems to be the only way to practice these days. I have been taking online Yin classes. These are very restorative.

Book Club- We are currently reading Before She Knew Him. I listened to this on Audibles. I loved it. Gasped a few times. It was suspenseful and kept me guessing. We have still not gotten together to discuss this selection….aghhh life in the times of covid. So, life has given lemons and I am making lemonade…I have been enjoying my audible books. I just finished The House on the Water. It was good and a quick listen.

This is my guilty pleasure read for the summer. I am enjoying it so far, as I read during quiet moments. I’ll keep you posted on how it goes.

With all the time at home we made and addition to the family. I have done a post or two about this happy little lady.

I love to try new products. I thought about writing a post about these new little gems, but I decided to add them here…adding more beauty products to my beauty buffet!! Besides I am not a beauty blogger…just your average mom and wife who likes new goodies!

This comes as a duo on QVC. I am in love with the perfume. I might have to stock up…I am afraid seasonal scents are just that seasonal. The lotion is great too. But I already live their lotions. The quality is fabulous.
This has been a welcome change to aerosol dry shampoos. This washes out great. Smells fresh. Overall just works better. Highly recommend. I found on Amazon.
With the loss of my lash extensions…thank you covid 19…I was in hot pursuit of a new mascara that would be everything I need. This little tube from Tarte is a miracle worker. I snagged this duo from QVC. If you have never looked their for beauty products I strongly suggest you do some clicking.
This is an awesome way to kick my butt in gear in the morning, when I shower or the perfect was to feel refreshed before bed. It is perfect to make me feel human again after a challenging,outside yoga class. I purchased mine e on QVC, but I know that this is a staple where ever Philosophy is sold.

Rae Dunn….lets talk about it. This is a love. I hold back. I try to limit myself. I tell myself when I buy it as a gift it isn’t feeding my addiction. There should be 12 step support groups for those of us that have a hard time pushing the cart past.

When Life Gives You Lemons