My Life

Hiya! I’m Rose. I am an itinerant Teacher of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing-a title I take pride in. I want to say I have never been a flashy or out there kind of person, but I decided to listen to the little voice inside my head and start this blog….taking a risk and flying my flag. My hope is you can relate to my stories and thoughts. My bigger hope is you will be able to connect and share.


Just so you know I count my years in school years. I know most of the world functions according to the calendar, but my whole life has revolved around school, so I think in terms of September to June and then Summers…glorious summers off. I have been teaching since 2000. I have taught Pre-K, 2nd grade and since 2005 I have been a TOD. I whole heartedly love what I do. I like to refer to myself as a gingerbread girl-I run run as fast as I can from school to school. I wouldn’t have it any other way!

My People

I always struggle with ordering WIFE and MOTHER. I can’t really rank them. I can’t order them by importance. So I started calling my husband and my daughter-My People. One of my besties even found me the cutest sign that speaks to me. My people mean the world to me.

My Tribe

This phrase is so true for my life. I have so many amazing people who support, lift me up and speak the truth to & with me. Some of these people have been in my life for years and some for much less, but no matter how long we have been connected, I can say the universe is looking out for me. I love that my tribe is everywhere. Some I see daily and some I need to board a plane to see. This is where I pay respect to the quick and easy text message. A bitmoji can always spread a bit of love and sunshine!