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Lavender Flow 2021

Lavender Flow 2021
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Sunday Night Yin Yoga

If you read my blog on a regular basis you already know that yoga has been a very good addition to my life. It is my jam. I am still growing and learning, which is one thing that keeps me coming back.

I love taking a class that kicks my ass. That amazing yoga high…where you feel tired but accomplished all at the same time…that is what I love the most. I think with my personality and my level of experience I am not in the zone where it is this awesome spiritual experience. It is a workout.

This being said, I know that so many of us are not practicing in person. Classes maybe be offered, but they are not like they once were. Life has changed and I have tried to adjust. I miss my classes so much.

I decided to make a space in my house where I can practice and not pick up. Zoom classes in the family room and kitchen were not my jam. I tried. I really did. Even though I really love the physical work component of a class…I did not get mental bonuses from this set up. Being out in the open, in my house, was not relaxing. So, I made space.

Ignore all the Amazon boxes to the left…holiday shopping.

I love the space I’ve created and I find it very easy to try on my own and do my own flow or take a class. I am happily surprised by how much this small personal change has helped with the changes that were forced upon us last year. I have added and edited my space over the past couple of months, loving the items I can look at before, during and after I flow.

My yoga instructor started a Sunday night yin class via Zoom. It is a slow and low impact class. I wasn’t sure if I was going to like it, but it happens to be a perfect way to chase away the smonday vibes. She suggested we keep the lights low or practice by candlelight. I added some battery operated candles to my space and it is Sunday night perfection.

This is how it currently looks.

The longer holds stretch my body but they also stretch my mind. This year, this school year has had my mind racing. Taking time once a week to slow down takes effort. It seems like it should be an easy thing to do but it isn’t for me.

A faster flow doesn’t allow my mind to wander. I just listen and do. Yin classes encourage me to focus and try to practice being present. I love to think I am present in my daily life, but if I’m honest, I’m not. Atleast not everyday, all day. Deliberate and dedicated time is helping me see that I need to make and take time for my mental health.

I think I am not unlike many people, many women who think about physical health and appearance. These two things help support eachother, but what goes on inside my head is obviously masked and can be something I don’t acknowledge. Acknowledging the positive thoughts and moments is just as important as taking time to deal and cope with stressors or negative thoughts.

I’m very glad I made time and space to invite in another new layer to my yoga practice. I am overjoyed with how doing something out of my comfort zone has stretched me inside and out.

I am looking forward to the day when I can get back to in person classes, but until then I am going to continue to try my best and keep an open mind about different options for practice.

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Sunflower Yoga

I told you I was going to have one more summer yoga event to share. This sunflower yoga class was heavenly. It was hot and happy. Everyone there seemed to be so excited to be in the field.

Everyone was spaced out, of course, because social distancing is becoming the new normal. We decided to be in the front row. I think this was a fantastic idea because all we could see was the field ahead of us. No downward dogs to look at, just the sunshine and flowers.

This event has become an annual event for my yoga studio. I think this will become an annual event in my life. It was truly spectacular. I was super pumped to be there. I felt like I could push myself and go a little further. I think it was the magic that the space generated.

These are two women that are so supportive and pure sunshine to be around, so I was beyond thrilled when they were available to come to this event with me. Both are very new to yoga, you wouldn’t know it. They looked beautiful and kept up with a very flowy class. Doing things with people that fill my bucket is priceless.

After our class we were permitted to pick sunflowers from the field.

I love that there are different varieties of flowers to cut and enjoy. It was very relaxing to walk the rows and see the bees working their magic.

This just such a happy flower. When I see sunflowers I just think and feel summer. I am not ready for this summer to end. The weather has been beautiful. We have had a slower paced schedule and I’m not mad about that!

Don’t you love how tall these get?! I know being a petite person many things are taller than me, but this stroll among the flowers gave me an Alice in Wonderland vibe. It was definitely a golden evening.

I hope if you are ever able to experience something like this….you jump on it. I thought I might be a little nervous in the field as the sun was going down, but with good friends and all the magical vibes I had not one instance of stress. If you read my posts regularly, then you know it is my mission to be sure with who I am-fears and all, but never be to stubborn to try to be a bit brave.

Watching this sunset, as we made our way back to the car, was the cherry on top. Nothing but gratitude for nature, beautiful friends and myself. The summer of 2020 has been pure yoga magic.

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Plant Yoga

Plant themed yoga was a fabulous night out. Burning calories and plant shopping is a total win! This is my second special yoga night this summer. If you want to look back in my Yoga Life posts, you can read about Lavender Yoga. There is something about practicing in a beautiful place that gives all the zen like feels.

The location was very green and lush. I am getting used to outside locations for class. I wasn’t an outside yoga gal until covid forced my hand. I had ideas of what it would be like. I was certain last summer I would not like it, all the while people were flocking to outside summer classes. I was so wrong. I have pushed past the little ants that join me on my mat or anything that buzzes by. One thing hasn’t changed-I still do not love being hot, in the full sun with humidity. Thankfully there was a breeze to keep me cooler, because it was a tad warm in the sun. It felt good to be there.

How great is this!!! Sunglasses were totally necessary, but I noticed as I was flowing, the sun and heat were definitely helping my poses. I appreciated the boost.

My teacher is the best. I love how she keeps thinking of ways to support us and other local places. These special locations always offer more than just yoga. We get to flow and the location gets positive exposure. I had never been to this local greenhouse, so I was thrilled to shop someplace new.

This event allowed us to plant shop after class. Yes please! No one had to twist my arm to look at all the plant babies that need homes. I very much enjoyed talking and shopping with my yoga peeps. It seemed sort of normal…except for the mask on my face. This is still not a normal feeling or behavior, but trying to be positive. I try chewing minty gum, it helps me wear the mask and feel refreshed after class.

Shopping with plant minded gals was super easy.

There were so many beautiful plants and accessories to look at. Sorry no pictures, I was trying to be living in the moment. I was honestly having that awesome after class happy vibe, my phone was not a priority. I was very impressed with the pot selection. I often have trouble finding a pot I really like, but no problem this night. I have to pump the breaks and limit myself to the pot and plant I purchased. All the more reason to visit again.

I found this beauty and of course could not leave it. The pot is beyond pretty. The little succulent was a take away from attending the class. I have ZERO green thumbs when it comes to succulents. Crossing fingers and toes this little guy survives. I would love to report the succulents I bought in the winter are thriving, but sadly I can not.

I am not a quitter, so I will try again!

This new leaf baby is currently residing here in our living room. I figure it will be one of the first things I see in the morning and perfect to look at when I am working from the couch. The location could possibly change because I see a plant stand in my near future, just a few clicks away!

If you enjoyed this…stay tuned I have one more special event class to attend this summer!!!!

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Lavender Yoga is Summer Magic

Beautiful night for a vinyasa flow.

Breathe in. Breathe out. This is heavenly in a field of lavender with the sun setting and the good vibes flowing.

Being outside, doing yoga, was something I have always been shy about. I hate being hot and do not love bugs, but this summer I am embracing it. Inside yoga is not an option, so I stepped out of my comfort zone and I am so happy I did.

We were given instructions on the cutting and varieties of lavender to cut.

My beautiful yoga teacher held a class outside in a lavender field. This was a ticketed event. Worth every penny! So many wanted to attend, she opened a second session. She is a lovely human and the farm we were at was equally as giving.

I placed my clippings on my dashboard for the drive home…heavenly.

We picked before we flowed. This was lovely and relaxing. Everyone seemed at peace. Conversations were quiet and appeared to be happy. I think many were happy to be in a tranquil location and able to socialize.

People really respected the space and eachother.

Masks were required for check in and close group socialization, but when it was time to flow mats were 6 feet or more apart. The field offered natural barriers. This made it easy to find a spot to practice.

I learned there is white lavender.

I left feeling and smelling fabulous. I hope she makes this and annual event. With the sun setting and the lavender breeze filling my lungs, it is yoga like no other.

Bees were everywhere but they wanted nothing to do with us. Maybe it was all the positive vibes!?

Just another way I am trying to enjoy summer and practice some selfcare.

I hope you liked this post…kind of a mini post. You can always follow me to see what I am up to or drop me a line!
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Home Yoga During Quarantine

I don’t know about you, but I miss my yoga teacher and studio. Being at home all these months has been challenging on so many different levels. Since I started this blog I have written many posts about how yoga is my jam….how it has enhanced my life since going gluten free. How it balances me and has given me a new sense of accomplishment.

Going to class is something I very much enjoy and look forward to. With the current changes due to the pandemic, going to the studio and interacting with all of lovely people that attend classes has been put on pause. My teacher, like many others, has tried to still teach classes and connect with her students. Logging into a Zoom yoga class has been ok. I love that she adapted to the changing times and offered something. Everyone has been on a learning curve, using different platforms to connect and do their job.

I got some socks to help improve my grip.

With all the positives of taking an online class….I still miss going to class. Taking class in my family room is not as fulfilling. I can hear her voice, follow her instructions and turn up the playlist, but with all of that it is not as motivating. I used to tell people I loved a home workout. Home was easier. I could have flexibility, I don’t have to go out in the winter, and I didn’t have to feel self conscious.

These socks totally help when I wear smooth yoga pants.

I believed that until I started to make time and show up for myself. I discovered I truly enjoy being surrounded by like minded people and I need to be present to push myself. Being at home is fine, but I think I am not doing as good a job as I was in studio. Yoga, in my opinion, is for the self. There isn’t a level of competition or who can be better than another. So with that being said why am I not pushing as hard during a Zoom class??

Obviously still working on this…setting new goals while being at home.

I think it is the vibe and energy that happens in a class. This level of engagement that supports and encourages is not present in my family room. I typically focus on myself when I go to class, but I love it when I see another student doing something incredible with their body. Maybe it is not cool, but I have quietly clapped and cheered people on for trying something new or take a pose to a personal new best. I find it inspiring.

I miss that level of support and community. I am counting the days until we can all practice together….in the same space. Until then, I will show up on my mat and try. I will continue to support my yoga tribe via a screen and microphone.

I have created a home yoga checklist to keep myself accountable.

  • Plan to attend class
  • Register for class in advance
  • Get dressed for class…no pjs
  • Turn my camera on
  • Use the playlist

This list can apply to any home workout. If you Zumba, dance or attend a pilates class maybe these tips will keep you on track until you can go to class and interact with your tribe.

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Summer 2019

Today is my Yogaversary!!! I started my path to self care and wellness one year ago. I am so surprised at how I have stuck with this. I have tried things on and off over the years….like most of us, but this is my jam.

I am happy to roll out my mat and do the work!

I post my feet on my mat before almost every class…honoring myself for showing up!

I love seeing my progress. I sometimes shock myself, because I was a workout serial killer. I would try something for a bit….and then I would let it die:

  • Equipment
  • Videos
  • Memberships
  • Classes
  • Programs
Photo provided by Vibe Yoga Lab

There was nothing wrong with any of these ways to get fit, except they didn’t feed my soul. I know many of the options out there are effective and people who are consistent look and feel great. I think the key to sticking with anything or having passion about something you do, is it needs to speak to you.

That first vinyasa class spoke to me and I still hear the call.

I love the yoga community I have found. I love cheering on others who grow and improve their practice. I am now practicing in a new place with different faces and the above statements ring true for my new classes. Feeling supported and pushed at the same time is essential for growth.

Photo provided by Vibe Yoga Lab

I almost thought that I was just going to do home yoga because my first teacher left. This was a bit heartbreaking, but I continued on. It almost felt like a break up, which I know seems a tad crazy to say, but upon reflection, I think it was a fear of loosing something that sparked something inside me I was totally unaware of.

The replacement instructor was lovely but nothing spoke to me or fed my soul, so I went searching….thank goodness I did. I did not give up looking for the right fit (instructor and class), even though I was nervous to try again, to be the new person in class or to open myself up to strangers. I have found my tribe-my vibe tribe.

First time trying this….it was for a challenge.

I can do hard things!

I love who and where I practice now. I hear what I need. I feel what I need to feel. I show up to class (in all kinds of weather) and I show up for myself. I even did a 15 day challenge, as I was recovering from the flu! I say this not because I think I am this amazing yogi, but because I am committed to myself.

January 2020….progress from the summer !

There is a January post if you are interested. I apologize for all the poses in pajamas. I was just not motivated to worry about how I looked. I was determined to get in the pose intagame…even if I did hack and wheeze between every attempt. I would never have done this with other forms of exercise before-that flu would have permanently derailed one of the above mentioned workouts.

March 2020
Photo by Vibe Yoga Lab

I love this path I am on. It is exciting to think about where I will be next year. I am hoping, in this very interesting climate we are living in, that you are on a beautiful path of discovery. Doing something that is filling you up and keeping you motivated. Self care is important.

If you want to stay updated with my progress, you can check out my Instagram stories. I post weekly. It keeps me accountable and I love to promote my studio.

On a funny side note…when I was previewing this I laughed at the pictures, not the poses, but the outfit!!! I seem to love it. Haha. Those camo leggings. Anyways, if you enjoyed this post please like or follow me here on my page OR you can always check out what I am doing on my social media accounts.


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15 Day Yoga Challenge

I love the pastel camo mat. It was not expensive, but it also doesn’t have alot of grip.

New Years goal was to start 2020 happy and try to make healthy choices. My yoga teacher posted a 15 day challenge, starting January 1, I loved this idea. I was pumped to post a daily pose, but the universe had other plans for me.

I started the year with the flu….yes the flu.

Child’s Pose…this was very tight and felt so strange after laying in bed for days.

The first four days I was beyond sick. By day five I was showered and was hoping to post, so the first five pictures/poses are in the same outfit because it was time to make-up and wake up my body.

Downward Dog
Upward Dog

This pose was so hard for me when I started going to yoga last March. It was also very difficult this day. The flu was kicking my butt, but I was determined to push up mentally and physically.

Gate Pose
Coughing and taking a break.
Puppy Pose….this was a challenge. The breath needed. I struggle with this pose on a good day.
Warrior 1

I think it funny, how when I am in a pose I FEEL like I am deeper or maybe using good form, because when I saw pictures I have very different opinions. I really thought I was deeper in my legs. Taking pictures might become a good way to gauge my progress.

Warrior 2
Black and white photo disguises the odd color combination.

Are you noticing a trend???? Yep Pajamas. Comfy and ugly, but all I could do. Setting this daily pose goal really helped me when I was sick.

Oh and if you are thinking flu and fitness don’t go together, you are right. I literally could only do the daily pose for the day, but it felt so good to do something.

Half Moon

Look close at my face. Ha! I dread this pose. I hate hearing my yoga teacher suggest half moon. Balance poses and I are not friends. They remind me of how weak I am and how much work I need to do. So, I should probably do more, but who loves to do more of something that stresses them?

I was very lucky this is a picture and not a video! The picture below is two seconds later. Half moon quickly became hot mess moon.

And nope! Can’t hold for long.
Side Angle
Reverse Warrior

I love where I am going with my practice. I love that I can move now and I don’t take it for granted. I am far from good, but I keep at it. This challenge was sort of the push I needed. I do not often post pictures of myself. I am just not that confident, but I wanted to try and support my yoga instructor. She is fabulous and I try to support all the lady bosses I know.

Sugar Cane Pose….never did this before.
Dancer Pose
Tree Pose

Like I stated, I struggle with balance poses. I never have my leg this high in class. Thankfully it was working this day. I magically could hold this with ease.

Total win!

Camel Pose….feeling like I needed alot of happy color. This picture was taken after my first class post flu.
Bridge….I tried for full wheel….not cute, so this was as good as it got day 15.

Doing the 15 day challenge was out of my comfort zone for sure. The yoga no, but the idea of people possibly judging was a bit intimidating, but after I posted the first 5 I relaxed. I think my fashion choices clearly show I just was thinking about the pose. My take away from this process is just go for it.

Dirty hair….who cares?!

Terrible outfit….who cares?!

Bad lighting….who cares?!

Not perfect…who cares?!

Just go for it. Don’t let your self doubt stop you. Tell that voice to hush up and slay.