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Summer…Rest, Relax and Read

Schools out for summer…

How do you like to Summer? I am just beginning my summer and sort of can’t process what I want to do first. I have had things on a mental to do list for for a while and right now I can’t focus. I have that awesome school’s out for summer feeling. If you are a teacher or have summers off maybe you get this feeling too? It is a sense of weightlessness…today. I feel like I can not fully process the idea of not having to set an alarm tomorrow. I was just talking to a friend and she was saying it takes her a couple of weeks to settle into the idea of being off and she has all the plans she is going to work on for next year. This got me thinking….Are teachers ever really off???

I know that I personally have things that need to be done. My car is empty, but it needs a scrub down. Ugh it is awful-the remnants of spring are very visible. Everything I removed from my schools needs to be organized and stored. Right now it is all in a “pile” in my basement. I will attack it very soon. I have learned that if I leave a chaotic school mess for to long it becomes a mountain-so to save myself that crazy lady stress, I will do it sooner than later. This way when I walk downstairs to my teaching zone in August I will feel happy to shop my basement and start putting materials or ideas together for my kiddos. I like it organized. It makes me feel less itinerant and all over the place. So the school calendar is done, but I am still working.

I know many teachers work on new ideas over the summer. If they are making things to put on teachers pay teachers or just revamping something, they are busy. I know I have summer projects that I will work on. I think it is just the reality of what teachers do. I love seeing the Instagram pics of teachers sitting on sunny patios with their teaching tools-ready to put in a few hours of work. It needs to be done and I love that we all can soak up some vitamin D while we work.

I will get a schedule going this summer. My momsibilities keep me to a schedule, but I need something organized for my summer work plans and I am also going to “schedule” in some rest and relaxation. I am not going to be so type A where I plan specific things daily, but I think gentle suggestions for myself can’t hurt. I have had unscheduled or less planned out summers where I feel like I am doing nothing, getting nothing done and feel like it was a waste in September, so a list of ideas is needed for a productive and restorative summer.

Chill List

This seems doable

Reading-I have books I want to read…sort collecting dust at the moment. All the titles I keep saying I’ll have time for once school is out.

Yoga-I need to find another place to practice. I like what I am doing now, but I need and want a challenge. I am no yoga expert, but I just know I could be doing more. So I am going to try something new. My head and heart are telling me I need more.

Get Crafty- I need to make or do something creative this summer. Waiting for inspiration to hit. Maybe find a diamond in the rough and make it useful or look amazing. Sometimes people throw out little gems.

Shopping- not food shopping, not shopping with a purpose or shopping for practicality. I need that wandering, look what awesome deal I stumbled upon shopping experience…with my mini partner in crime.

Girl Time- with friends or my mini…just doing things we like.

Netflix Binge- I need a new show. I know I can now watch season 3 of Riverdale. Yep! Don’t judge, but I love this ridiculously good teen drama. Besides it is talking points with my older students (not the inappropriate parts, of course, but plot, predicting and fashion)! So I think that actually might be summer work.?! Maybe catch up on some movies I keep saying I am going to watch. I’m open to suggestions!

A room with a view

Summer work is already mentally planned. I just need to get down to business and open my Chromebook….make some magic. I set a goal for myself to add at least 20 more products to my TpT store. It is kinda a big goal. I really have a total goal I want by my 1 year anniversary (fingers crossed). I can honestly say…if I don’t put a big dent in it this summer I will struggle finding time and focus once school starts up again, so I need to stay happily focused. This TpT thing is supposed to be enhancing my life-not bringing pressure or stress. Can you feel the zen attitude?!

I also want to grow as a blogger. I like doing this every week. My goal is, if you follow me or just discovered me, that you like what I have to say and want to read more of what I am thinking & doing. I read other peoples blogs and I see there is a definite niche they fit in, but I’m still deciding what that is. And honestly I am not an expert in just one thing or have a crazy passion for just one thing. I really am just trying to live my best life, support my tribe and enjoy what life has to offer. I really do love a “buffet”. I think options are necessary for growth and change.

Here’s to a summer of growth, fun, relaxation and sunshine….June has been rainy. Let’s get out the SPF (which I can not forget-currently suffering from a touch of sunburn) and put the umbrellas and school bags away!

Oh….If you are looking for a new computer click the link below. I love my new, pretty, white Chromebook. It has saved the day. My hubs bough it for me a couple of months ago. I wanted tiny, white and easy to use….check, check and check! I also really wanted to be able to print and apply my ladybug logo. I used printable vinyl and then used my Cricut to cut her out. I had to make it cute!!

 “As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.” 

This is the Chrome book Link

This is the Vinyl….it printed easy, applied easy and it has stayed on!!

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Cookies Can Always Help

So I recently posted about living gluten free. Maybe you read it…maybe not. Check it out if you have time! I just wanted to add a quick extension story.

These cookies!!!! I have had them for a bit. Tried them…and somehow did not appreciate them fully. So good. The box is now empty. Completely not helping the fitness cause, but sometimes it is necessary. Maybe it is my current mood or maybe they are a great GF Girl Scout substitute.

School has 1 more day. I am ready for summer. I have wished my students well and I clearly am in need of some sugar! I bought these at a local grocery store. They were not crazy expensive. Total win! Finding something I think tastes good and I can justify the cost is a struggle at times.

As you can see I am still looking for the “ups” to this new foodie adventure. Happy snacking! Happy night owl snacking! Being a night owl is a totally different conversation. I love how an idea forms.

If this little snippet was mildly entertaining drop me a line. If you have and delicious suggestions I am always open to new GF things I can try-leave a comment.

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Adventures in Living Gluten Free

Gluten free banana bread….a mix….not motivated yet to really bake from scratch.

This year has been a year of many new changes and decisions. I feel like I am heading into unchartered territory. Making a change or trying something new is scary and exciting. One thing that is fairly new is having to live gluten free.

Being gluten free is not an option I would freely choose, so this is not really a happy change. It is a necessary, life altering change. I know I have to live this way because my body and my doctor tell me so, but honestly I miss many delicious things and I hate living in a constant fear of “poisoning” myself or glutening myself. I also miss baking. I try still, but it is not the same. Christmas was particularly hard….I missed grandma’s cookies. We bought some from a bakery that is strictly gluten free (they were okay-maybe great, but I was in a funk). I was appreciative that my hubs had zero issue spending what we spent, but I missed the familiar taste of Christmas.

Eat like a cave woman to stay safe!!

I am very aware that there are far worse things in life to deal with. I am not having a pity party for myself-just being brutally honest and trying to find the ups. I know how amazing I feel now that I don’t have gluten in my system and I know there are so many food options that are naturally GF or made to be GF, so those are total ups. People have told me this is a better time to live GF than in years past. A couple of the grocery stores I shop in now have very publicized GF sections. This makes it a more relaxing shopping experience-less reading and searching.

However, I occasionally mourn the loss of pizza, perogies, cake from our favorite bakery, subs and donuts….there are many things. I know that there are safe options, but some days I just don’t want to think….will this make me sick? I hate questioning and reading everything I put in my mouth. I know it is totally babyish, but I just want to eat in peace.

It is true I am no longer being that girl who ruins a good time with her need to be near a potty, but now I am that girl that is a pain to eat with…..still! I am questioning friends and family, praying they don’t gluten me. I feel horrible doing that. They are just trying to be hospitable, offer me something they took the time to prepare. Some people really get it. I have awesome people in my life that want to make sure I am safe with the menu and want me to feel thought about and considered. …mental hugs to my tribe!!!! Then there are the people who question and wonder “how much is true”….insert sad face. I honestly do not understand people who choose this as a diet. How do they not want to eat real bread?! I wasn’t even a bread basket kind of girl before this, but it it looks so good sometimes. Also, being GF does not make you skinny. I can find plenty of high sugar or high fat foods that are GF. Any weight loss I have had is from better choices and exercise. Exercise has been huge. I am now longer in total body pain. All the inflammation in my joints has gone away. Life changing-total up here!!!!

The crazy thing is as I think that…I just want to eat in peace…I haven’t been in peace for 20 years with the former gluten filled diet. My stomach and digestive issues started in my early twenties. Food has not been kind to me, but it did taste good! Once it was chewed swallowed-game on. I suffered with misdiagnosis and inappropriate treatments for years. I don’t want to go on and on about that because it doesn’t serve me. I would like to think previous doctors thought they were right. With all of the ups and downs over 20 years of living in the potty, inconveniencing people, making my husband race me home, taking medications that did nothing and feeling terrible about being annoying-one would think being GF would be so much better. I have my days were I accept it and don’t care-then there are the days that I am mad I am not able to consume what the heart wants. I do not cheat. I tried this. It is so not worth it. Feeling like I have the flu is never going to be worth a piece of cake or pizza.

So because I am trying live my best life, most positive life-I am now only going to focus on the ups!

  • Yoga-I can now do this pain free. My joints are not inflamed.
  • Weight Loss- I have dropped 12 lbs. and it is staying off.
  • Cholesterol- it is down 50 points.
  • Energy- I do not say I am tired all the time.
  • Eating Out- If I eat safe…of course….I can do more than just dinner (no racing home).
  • School-I can now sit through sessions not in pain or stressing about when the 40 minutes would be up to race to a restroom. I have my full attention on my work.
  • Feeling Good- I can function much better for work and my home life….that is kind of priceless. Vacations are so much better!!!
  • Speaking up- I have been preaching to students for years that they need to advocate for themselves….well now the teacher is the student.
  • Saying Yes- I would never have started a blog before…I was to sick and exhausted.
  • Feeling Zen- I am not as anxious as I used to be. Even with the learning curve of a new diet….less anxious. It gets easier. Breathe in the future & exhale the past.

My people have been awesome through this learning process. They have learned about hidden gluten and are often reminding me to double check. Love them. They eat GF with me at home, not 100%, but they try with dinners- to eat what I am eating. I think that is huge. They could live high on the gluten hog, but they know it is still a learning curve for me and they respect the struggle. I have made some very gross GF dinners. I am getting there, but substituting or altering something I once cooked with success can be an epic fail some nights. Thank goodness for cereal. I started this post because tonight they got pizza…pictured above. I ate leftovers. I say this happily. They should sill enjoy their best life and if they need a GF free night….pick up the phone and order.

Like I stated….you see all the naughty food….GF does not = Skinny. You can still live large!

Parties might be one of the hardest things. We recently went to a 40th birthday and I called the restaurant where they catered in from. Ugh. Really? Yes. I wanted to eat. There were still very limited options, but the food looked and smelled beyond delicious, so I had to call. Totally embarrassing and totally worth it. I know I can not expect to have people go full GF because I am coming, but not eating sucks and looks weird.

However, like I mentioned I have some sweet people in my tribe that go out of their way. When I attend book club I can eat most of the snacks. They are thoughtful ladies (tribe members). I am very lucky to have them in my life. We have family friends who always make sure I am not going to starve! I also do not want to be the person I have read about who brings a lunchbox or eats before hand. That would make me sad. Very sad. I do always carry a snack, but I don’t want to be the weirdo not eating at all. A party is supposed to be fun…..and I am not even going to go into my endless google searches about what cocktails are safe. I am not a regular drinker-but one is fun sometimes. It used to make me so sick and I just thought it was IBS. I have never liked beer, so no loss there, but I like something fun and fruity, maybe with an umbrella or straw. Now that I know alcohol may contain wheat I decline if I feel like I can’t trust it and feel ridiculous having to explain that I am not having a cocktail for fear of wheat, but I know it is necessary. I recently let loose at a charity event and enjoyed a heavenly lemon drop martini….or two. Thank you Titos. Another up-breathing out that misconception/misdiagnosis and breathing in knowledge. Knowledge is supposed to be power, well I am soaking it up or sipping it up.

This year for my birthday we discovered this ice cream place that makes gluten free waffle sundaes. This was so good on so many levels. Happy Birthday to me. So with another year older and another year (hopefully) wiser. I am trying to find the upside to this new culinary adventure. I can do hard things. I can adapt. I can find the sweet life.

You can always drop me a line, comment, like, follow or share back. I would live to hear from you. If you follow me I am sure I will be sharing more….I’m always learning new things.

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So Long, Farewell…See You in September

I started taking things down in my teaching spaces. I love and sort of hate this time of the year. It is always filled with mixed emotions. A month ago myself and many in my tribe were itching for the end of June, but now that it is fast approaching I feel sort of sad. It is like this every year.

I love summer vacation…who doesn’t!?! I love being on my schedule. No alarm. Mommy time. Being off and being in stay at home mom mode is awesome. I suck up every minute of it. Some days we have a plan and some days we go with the flow. I am hoping this summer is a balanced combo of the two.

With longing for the end of June and then 2 months of being off comes the reality that my students and I will part ways for a bit. As an itinerant I will see most of my kids in September. I am never guaranteed that, but I have been happily working in the same area for a few years. Being able to watch my students progress is an unbelievable joy. Classroom teachers get a new crew every year, but some of us get to teach the same kiddos for years….I love that.

So, not seeing them for the summer is a healthy and perfect separation, but I do miss them. I love hearing about their lives. Feeling like I am a tiny part of their world. When we get back in September I love hearing about all of the awesome things they got into. My huge hope is they keep up their skills. Being off for two months can be alot for some kids.

Keeping up skills is so important….had to make work look cute.

This year I put a summer language packet together. I am hoping they work on it. Fingers crossed. I am still thinking of a good incentive for bringing it back in September. I don’t think my smiling face will be enough. Hahaha. I am sure I will find something great….I am a very good shopper.

I need to get a game plan for how and when I am going to clear out my spaces. My car will be a mini explosion for a few days….and then off to the basement my 10 month world will go. I will haul it down and dump it. Then a day in the summer I will organize, purge and revamp things. I like to be ready for September in July. I am not one who leaves a mess or things to the last minute.

Before I pack it up and in for the summer I will take time to tell each one of my students how awesome they are. How they need to fly their flag. How they need to be proud of their achievements. How they need to wear their hearing aids all summer. That they are going to do great in the upcoming grade. Some are transitioning to middle school and they need to know they are ready!!! I will give each of them something they can read or do over their summer months. This year I made these new bookmark awards. I wanted them to see my words. I put these together yesterday. I hope they like them and use them. Maybe they will shove in a drawer, the bottom of a book bag or maybe actually use in a book-they all have summer reading lists. My hope is not toss!


These bookmarks are not fancy or expensive, but I did take time and care in designing them. I did take time to put them together, so I hope they see I do care about them and see what amazing beings they are.

I have only a couple of weeks left in this 2018-2019 school year… has been a good one. I am excited to see what next year will be like. If you have read any of my previous posts you will know that I mark years by school years, so in my mind this year is almost over. My teacher planner shows me that. Aghhh. That is a great things to type out loud! I sort of just realized that. My planbook will be resting, on pause for 2 glorious months!!!!

I’ll post an update to this post before the July holiday. Then I will be done and had a few days to reflect. Check back in with me. If you have any comments feel free to email me, leave a comment, like my post or follow me.

I’m adding my bookmark resource here at the bottom. Check it out. They are cute….atleast I think so. They could be printed and used by anyone really.

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Happy Girls are the Prettiest

I love that phrase. Happiness is priceless, but how you achieve that happiness can have a cost. I wanted to share new beauty products that are making me “look prettier”, but most importantly making me feel prettier. I thought about adding to my Buffet page, but I am kinda jazzed about these so why not share a little more.

I love beauty products. Trying new products is totally fun and selfishly rewarding, especially if I find something that is not crazy money. I have tried many, many different brands at different price points over the years. I sometimes go on a quest for a specific category. Maybe you do to!? For example this past winter my lips were chapped. CHAPPED. I honestly have never experienced anything like it. Maybe it is age, harsh winter, or going gluten free??? Whatever the reason my lips felt like they were going to fall off. I had like a hole forming in my bottom lip. I tried many lip products to heal this. Now, I could name things I tried but I won’t. I feel like my lip was the issue…sadly and my job. Being in and out in freezing temps was doing me no favors.


I bought the duo. The spray is awesome too!!!!

One night I was out running an errand and decided to pop into Ulta. I didn’t really want to spend more than 10$ but sometimes a girl gets desperate. I wandered and pondered what was going to take care of my lip issue. I found 2 lip products that worked great. I sort of used them in tandem. They both worked like a dream. Still using…on my restored and normal looking lips. I keep the Mario Badescu balm in my yoga bag. They both smell and taste good. The textures are pleasant and I like this type of application.

This works awesome and I like other products they have as well.


I have very sensitive skin, so I am very cautions about products for my face. I really don’t want to look rashy or break out and this has happened too many times in the past, so sometimes I am much less brave to try new things for my face. However, I was looking into getting a new mask. I know that there are so many different kinds out there and I find this to be overwhelming-so I just looked when I was pushing the cart in the grocery store. Neutrogena is typically a brand I can use. I saw this new mask….or at least new to me and thought why not! I think it works good and it did not irritate my face which is key. The smell was pleasant, didn’t burn, washed of easy and I didn’t feel super tight afterwards.


Beekman 1802 has become a new obsession. I saw this online and thought it would be super cute to get my husband. He complains his legs get really dry…sorry if that is TMI, but it is totally true. He has tried multiple lotions-which he has found something he likes, but I thought maybe lets back up a step and adjust his soap. Maybe a more mild soap will help. I bought an assortment of soaps and the whipped body cream. He thought I was bananas for spending what I spent on soap, but I thought he would 1. like that I am concerned about his comfort 2. love that it is from goats milk. He has this love of goats! He watches cute goat videos on Instagram. Loves to drive by a farm with goats. I personally don’t get it, but hey what ever makes a person happy.

So, you might be thinking at this point…ok, I thought these were products you use??….well they are. I totally love the soap. I use it to shave my legs. I love how I don’t feel tight or dry at all. I would totally recommend this product if you are wanting to treat yourself. I would also 100% encourage you to try the whipped body cream. It is amazing. Yes, amazing. I never feel greasy or gross. I am not a huge fan of lotion or body creams. I would rather feel dry than dirty. I find that many formulas leave me feeling heavy or dirty. So, when I tried this I was hooked. It is so good. This formula sinks right in. I got the unscented version, so I can layer any perfume right over!

Full disclosure I bought all of these from QVC. I love online and I love that they carry awesome products that bundled together. I love a deal!!! So we got bars of soap and the cream together. If you check out the Beekman 1802 site there is there full assortment of products, but if you are looking to save a bit check out QVC. I love how they carry so many beauty brands. I could do a whole post on all of the awesome brands they have now.

Magic in a Bottle

My complexion is fairly light. I try my best to use sunscreen daily and protect myself from the damaging UV rays, so this being said, I do not try to go outside and fetch a tan. I love the look, but I really don’t want to age my skin or run the risk of having anything surgically removed, so over the years I have tried many faux tanners or sunless tanning products. I struggle. I struggle with the color typically. I obviously do not want to look orange. Some people may not think that an underlying orange hue is a terrible thing, but I personally can not pull that off. I try to find a product that doesn’t smell really bad either. I think this is probably true for everyone. I have tried different application processes: spray, mousse, lotion, cream and foam. Each one has pros and cons, but obviously I was still hunting for a product that checked all my boxes. So I heard about these Isle of Paradise drops, thingy, self tanner?!? It seemed intriguing. The concept is simple, you add 1-12 drops to your favorite lotion, mix it in your palm and apply like you would normally apply your lotion (no orange hands). I thought this might be too good to be true….it is NOT. It does what it says. It gave me my desired look. I added 4 drops to my portion of cream and applied. I decided to keep it conservative on the tan factor. My goal was to look like I got a bit of color, not go from pasty white to bronzed goddess. It is too soon to look like that…still in school. It totally worked, didn’t smell gross and zero orange. Oh-and you can use it in your face moisturizer! This product is a total winner. Once I get a deeper look I will post a pic to my buffet page.


Dry shampoo is not completely new to my beauty arsenal, but this year I decided to branch out and try a new brand. I have tried all the ones beauty experts say are the best…most of them are good products and I get good results, but I obviously was still hunting for something better. I think I bought this one, I am now loving, at Target. I am sure it can be purchased many places, but I have a love affair with my red cart-so I am sure I bought it there first. This one is my fave- PLUMP FOR JOY. I like the smell and texture. The name really is what attracted me to it….too funny!!! Not Your Mother’s makes a few other formulations. The only other one I have tried is- Clean Freak. This one comes in a travel size and I like to keep a mini can in my car. I have really tried to embrace the idea of not washing my hair daily. I think my hair and my hair dresser thank me for finally giving into this concept. So everyone is “plumping for joy”.

As you can see I try to shop around and try new things. I am sure there will be new products purchased in the future for other beauty areas, but right now these are winning the health and beauty race. If you liked any of this give me a shout out!!! I would love to hear from you. Maybe tell me what you are using to keep yourself feeling your best!!!

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Summer On My Mind

I, like many, am ready for summer. Summer weather, summer clothes, summer foods, and summer vacation!!! I realize that not everyone has a teacher schedule for the summer months, but even if you are working or doing what you do 12 months a year I am sure you too look forward the all the sweetness a summer can bring.

With summer quickly approaching I wanted to get a few summer activities out and ready for my teacher peeps. I completed one activity for my students and another for fun. I loved creating this s’mores resource. I have found this digital artist who is creating this adorable clip art and I had to create something with it.

So, I typically blog to blog about life and if my tpt fits awesome, but I really wanted to write and post about how pumped I am for summer themed lesson plans….and s’mores! I love this new resource. I think it is fun and fresh.

Spinner Game
Math and Language Options

I also created a summer language packet for some of my students. My hope is they will complete it by September. Fingers crossed!! I find that they will read over summer, but my focus is on written and oral communication skills. These are harder to maintain without structured activities. It does not have a schedule to it. Many summer packets are connected to a calendar…I want then to want to write at their own pace or mood.

Oral communication Activities
Written Language Activities
Writing Worksheets

Take a look if either of these could help you wrap up and get ready for summer.
Visit my tpt store.

Think about following me!!! You can also like this article. I love feedback!!!!

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Heart Openers

So this year seems to be a year of taking a risk, opening your heart or going forward on the path that is the road less traveled.  I somehow know a handful of women who have taken a leap of faith.  I feel like this is all around me for a reason.  Maybe the universe has been trying to show me I can do hard things.  I can be brave.  I can be vulnerable.

This word vulnerable keeps popping up.  In my yoga class, in my Instagram feed and even in my Audible book recommendations.  I know that there are authors, therapists and motivational speakers who are much more knowledgeable and well versed in the idea of being vulnerable, so who am I to even try to throw my thoughts or opinions out there….but isn’t that sort of the point.  I am here just as much as anyone doing my best to be the best version of myself.

I can totally say that even typing the word vulnerable seems like an icky word…there are many words I think roll off the tongue that should never, but this one makes me uncomfortable and I think there in lies the work I need to be doing. Opening myself up more.

I am super good at being funny…deflecting and being busy! I take personal satisfaction in knowing I can juggle all the balls, but I think that it isn’t enough. I can be a good mom, good teacher, wife, sister and friend but I think I need to be good to my self.  I need to take some time to work on things I avoid.  Are there things you internally avoid?  I think it is super easy to push forward and muffle that little voice telling me I need more.  More from myself.

This past week has shown me that I can’t.  I can’t keep going through the motions.  I need to stop and recognize I need more things that make me happy.  I can do more….and not more chores (hahhaaha).  The dust can wait.

These women I know have been an awesome wake up call.  They have started new businesses, planned and raised money for charity, decided to leave jobs, gone back to school and started new projects.  They have all said yes to that little voice that was saying this is a good idea….you can do scary things….you can put yourself out there….take the risk.  Have you taken any new risks?

I took a baby step this year and decided to open my tpt store and go to the regional conference.  It was an extraordinary experience.  I came away inspired by women who have a wealth of knowledge and more importantly-support. They were all so encouraging and were open to share their knowledge and experiences. It was sort of a weird experience for me….foreign.  I feel like in education there are the people who share and lift you up or there are the people who are passive aggressive and competitive.  I thankfully was surrounded by givers.  I came away from that weekend feeling like I could do something new, try my hand at something I never thought I could do and take a risk……wallah….my blog.

There was a teacher, at the conference, who blogs and she was encouraging me to put my voice out there.  She felt I had something to share with other teachers. I thought it was kinda crazy….me telling others what to do or share my ideas. Who am I??  What do I know??  Can I do this?  Will I be good at it?  Who wants to read what I have to say?  I was telling myself the same story I have probably told myself before, about other things I thought were too much, scary or uncomfortable.  Something happened.  I decided to listen to the voices of support and the little one inside me saying “do it”.  I went home and developed my page.  I took a risk.  I think for a first timer it looks good.  I am sure it will evolve…it has to, because I sort of look at it as an extension of me and I have no plans of staying in the same place.

I originally intended it to only have content for teaching, teachers & itinerants, but I feel like this is evolving into something more.  Maybe because things are aligning???  I am being open to the idea that I can share whatever I want.  I know many bloggers have a specific direction.

I am still deciding what that is.  I am trying to look and listen in the still moments for signs that I am doing the right thing.  I am being open to new possibilities.  I am being positive and hopefully sharing my light with others.

So, I guess it is good my school year is coming to a close.  I am looking forward to what summer will bring. It will be nice to focus on the good vibes I am feeling around me and hopefully I can lift others around me….embrace this new level of vulnerability.