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Spring Cleaning: Beauty Edit

By this time of the year I start to get spring fever and the itch to clean or purge areas of my house. One area that I completely neglect is my bathroom vanity and bathroom closet. I take so much time and effort selecting beauty and hygiene products…I should probably take the same approach at managing these items.

My goal is to clean, purge or pass on products I have in my makeup bag or closet. I especially need to check things I buy in multiples. If you are at all like me you love to save a dollar, so super-sized items or sales tend to make me happy, but if products aren’t being used at a healthy rate…then I’m really not saving if things expire and I have to toss.

Lotions and Potions

I first start in my linen closet to check the dates on body products. I live to get a deal and if I think we like something I buy multiples. Checking the expiration date on shampoo bottles, lotions and soaps is very important. Your skin is the barrier between you and the world. I know I try to select clean beauty products and want my body absorbing health ingredients. Using expired lotions and potions is counter productive, so I trash and recycle what needs to go!


Same idea for my makeup. I look through and see what is old. Time to toss. I also clean up my pieces. I use a microfiber cloth and warm water to wipe off product residue, dust or hairspray film. Giving everything a fresh wipe makes things seem a tiny bit new. Also, when I go through everything it allows me to mentally inventory what I have.

When going through my makeup I try to see if there is anything unopened that I can pass along to a friend. Sometimes I buy things bundled in a set and don’t need or like each piece. Typically this is with eye products and lip products. I never wear black eyeliner, so if it comes in a set I put it in a drawer…time to pass it along.


Cleaning all my brushes and sponges is so gratifying. I do this on a regular basis, but now is the time to look at wear and tear. Keeping my tools clean and functional is key to stress free application. I like to clean my brushes with an oil free facial cleanser. I know there are products just for cleaning brushes, but I find my face wash works well with a silicone brush cleaner mat.


I went through a period where I was bent on getting the best dry shampoo for my hair needs, so I have tried many. The brands and formulas that don’t work for me are something I can easily pass on to a friend. I consider this re-homing.

Most of my hair products are used at a consistent rate and are replaced as needed, so not much to purge, but cleaning bottles, containers and cans is something I can do. Hairspray is something that I experiment with too. I see something new and think ooohhhh, but if I don’t use it up it gets relegated to the back of the closet with the dry shampoo. This too could be passed on or tossed.


If you are like me one day you open a drawer, makeup bag or bin and wonder how in the world you acquired so many nail polishes. Nothing lasts forever, so I check them out. Goopy, super separated and just not my color polishes can be tossed or passed on. I like to check out clippers, files and removers. If any of these tools seem well used or dirty, they too get a refresh.

Hand Soap

I have gotten very picky about brands and scents I like for hand washing. I typically store hand soaps in each bathroom and each bathroom has different kinds because everyone likes something different. There was a time that I could just stock up and grab all the fun seasonal scents, but over the last two years with the increase in hand washing and sanitizing I have sought out different, clean beauty brands, so I found a few expired bottles and a few that were new, but no one liked the scent. Which leads me to my last point.

Re-purpose, Pass on or Recycle

Throwing out gross, old, expired and used up items is the easy part. I find that I struggle with what to do with they things that are still good but not my jam. I hate wasting money, so I know that’s why things end up in the land of the lost beauty products. Hoarding things I don’t like but will never use is not helping anyone. I love a good purge but if I can find a product a new home…aka a friend’s vanity or counter that makes me happy.

Another’s place I can relocate a product is a staff bathroom. If you work somewhere that has more than company soap and paper towels. I find leaving a lotion, body spray, hair spray or hand soap is the perfect place to share. This also goes for new products that have been gifted. You might not love something, but maybe a coworker will. This seems much better than the trash can regardless of price point, drug store items or high end products deserve a second chance.

If you don’t love to clean or purge…I totally get that, but I really think that making sure your personal care and beauty products are safe and healthy is something you should make time for. Maybe clean, evaluate and organize everything in baby steps. Just don’t neglect what you put on your hair, skin or nails. This is a part of selfcare!

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Audible Books: Winter 2022

While I have been trying to pick up a book and read more I find myself having zero problem uploading a new Audible selection on a weekly basis. January and February have been filled with mystery, crime and a few gasps. I also found myself talking outloud to my car speakers when I was shocked or proud of myself for making good predictions.

Here are some of my winter listens. I might have left a few books off my list that I didn’t enjoy or finish because I didn’t want to waste time on something I didn’t like. All of the books here I would recommend.

Not usually into something about an affair, but I liked this.
This book was very pleasant to listen to.
Waiting for this author to release the next book!!!
This book was a bit different, but it was easy to listen to in between my schools.
This one was good. I could see as a movie…maybe a TV movie.
This wasn’t very long and was a fast listen.

Check these out if you like a mystery and an interesting female lead character. I am currently listening Verity by Colleen Hoover. I have heard a lot, but not a lot about it, and thought why not. Totally keeping the mystery streak going. I’ll keep you posted.