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This is How I Sunday

Added to my Instagram this morning….brought me to writing this post

Sunday can be relaxing, fun, busy, full of chores, or a family day. No matter what Sunday brings there are always a few things I need to, have to….however I justify it…do on Sunday. I am trying to be more positive about this day of the week, not dread it because I know Monday is coming. See the “sun”day. The older I get I feel like I really need to stop and take a minute to stop myself from wandering down the path to Complaintville. I need to turn on my internal GPS and head for Happy Valley! What path did you take this weekend? What were your “to do’s” ? Did you have your best ”sun”day?

Alone Time

I was up not crazy early, but before my people. I had my coffee and was doing all the phone things: email, Instagram, Pinterest, checking my blog stats and thinking about the endless to do list in my head. I checked Facebook. Now Facebook is kinda new for me. Yes, I was living under a huge rock. I really didn’t want it or want to get tangled up in it or add one more thing to check on my phone- which I already have a love hate relationship with, but I have an account now and I sort of like it. I can find the positive value in it as a way of keeping connected to people I do enjoy. I checked all my email accounts and deleted all of the things that entice my shopaholic heart. Everything looked happy out in cyber world.

Once, I was satisfied with all of the social media I needed to use my phone for what I love about it. I looked back at last nights pictures. We attended a charity event with friends, so it was date night and fun friends night. We won a bid on 2 American Girl dolls. Our incredibly blessed child does not need them, but it was for charity, so it feels good to give them to her. I think a full circle moment of charity will be if they do not add to the mess in her playroom. She is a beautiful soul that sees no reason why Mommy and Daddy can’t stand a mess.

Next, I got to text messages. I needed to send a thank you out to our friends who invited us out last night. I really spent time thinking about how awesome they are, how blessed we are to have them in our lives and how much fun it is to connect with new people too. My beautiful friend is putting together a charity walk that is happening Memorial Day weekend. I found this to be inspiring-so I of course want to help in any way I can. I started to think what could I add or do. I got and idea, but I needed to recruit my mini partner in crime. Once I proposed my idea she was in! She loves to give back. I hope that means we are going a good job raising her….fingers and toes crossed. We are going to craft something up….you will have to check it out in a future blog post. I will share pictures.


This is a dreaded event for me any day of the week. It is not just a Sunday thing. I want to tell you I am smiling, as I hang dry all of the things I fear the dryer will shrink to fit Barbie, but I can’t. I didn’t smile, but I didn’t pout either…I hate wrinkles more! 2 loads done….more to go. I wish there was a laundry fairy.


So now that this philanthropic plan has been concocted, it needed some action. We headed out to purchase supplies. Two stores later we found some of what we needed and then Amazon to the rescue. The crafting can begin in 2 days. I often think about how awesome it is that I can order up what I need and see it 2 days later on my porch. That is another check in the love column for my phone. We could have completed a couple of other errands, but we needed to feel the “sun”day, so there is always tomorrow. A bit of fresh air, sunshine and scooter time was needed.


If you look closely you can see my little Wonder Woman…I try to be just as flexible.

This is the part of my Sunday that I have come to love and embrace. It focuses me. I need this hour to stick stickers, play with colored pens & markers, and feel like I have some control….hahaha. I look back at the week and see what needs to roll to the week ahead. I thankfully didn’t see anything that didn’t get accomplished. I used to do my planning on the couch, but now that I have my new, beautiful work space I sat with all my colorful things that make me happy and started to dominate my upcoming weeks! Don’t ask me why the stickers and colors make me happy-they just do. While we were out at the craft store, I bought the 11 ring punch for my planner. Yes-it was on sale. I have wanted it for a bit. I think it would be nice to punch pages to add to a week, school stuff and mom stuff. I feel better once I have a handle on the week-on paper. The phone calendar gives me zero satisfaction. Do you paper plan? Or just use your phone?

Full disclosure…I am adding this paragraph in my editing phase of this post. I LOVE my paper planner for my home life, but this year for school I started to use an web planner, digital planner-whatever you call it. It has made my teaching life amaze balls. I love it. I didn’t want to share my love of paper today and then post in the future about the web planner I embraced-to make my gingerbread lifestyle lighter and at my finger tips. I will share in an future post. How I handled paper and paperwork this school year is its own story.


This is going be a very simple task – thank you crock pot. I sometimes meal prep for the week, but not this Sunday. Like I mentioned before there are some errands that can be done tomorrow, food shopping will be one of them. I am not that great at the whole Sunday food prep thing. I go in spurts. I have a friend that is great at it. I will admire her efforts this week from her daily posts to her Instagram account. I say bravo. I think the hard part for me is knowing what we should even eat for dinner. Sometimes I am perfectly happy with cereal. I am very fortunate that my people are easy going. Are you a planner and prepper OR an eat what your heart is telling you kind of person???

A Delivery

Oh how I love the sound of the delivery truck. I was super happy to get my package today. I saw that Maven Thread put out new headbands this week. Of course I needed them. I truly love these headbands and I can admit I am starting to have a bit of a collection. I try to justify it by sharing with my mini me. I even hung up a new set of hooks to see all of these pretties!

Because I know I will get more I bought a second set of hooks (look of shame)! Do you have a thing that you have multiples of-even though 1 or 2 would suffice?

Fun Work

So, right now I am doing the fun work. Writing this blog post is fun. I do not feel stressed or pressured to get it done. My goal is one post a week. I might do more, but baby steps with momma’s side hustle. I kinda love that I take the time to sit and get thoughts out of my head. I for years have had mini conversations going in my head as I drive from school to school. Maybe later I will work on a new TpT resource….when my early birds head to their nests and this night owl is alone again.

I made something new Friday night. Yep-exciting Friday night!! The hubs worked late and my mini wanted to get lost in Netflix. So, momma made something. I had a sale and it inspired me to push harder and create something that connects to what a a buyer wanted. I was pumped that this person purchased all three resources that went together. I am super new to TpT and I thought if I connected with one buyer, maybe a similar resource will connect with her and others. Right there another reason to love my phone. That sale alert was inspiring. That is my ultimate goal for even making resources. I figure if I would use it teaching my kids-then maybe someone else out there needs it too.

Finding Insipration

I think that is very important for my Sunday. I need to find inspiration to push forward, to maybe lift someone else up and recharge myself for the week. I had a different post planned and I will save it for a rainy day. That pin I posted to Instagram really spoke to me and kind of drove my whole day. Looking for bits of inspiration in print or in people, moments to reflect and slowing my day down… to a point that I felt like I got “all the things” done-but not so much where I felt busy and like a crazy lady! I hope you found some of that today….even if you are reading this on a Wednesday. And if you didn’t maybe you could try tomorrow. I know I will be looking for my inspiration tomorrow.

How stinkin’ cute is this. It totally made my day when I saw it in my Bitmoji pics!!!

If you are interested in the resources I made this week, here are the links.

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