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End of the Year Teacher Thank You Treats

Question: Do you gift to the teachers you work with?

This has been a hot topic within my tribe. Some people do and some people don’t. I think what ever side you are on you have to do what you feel is right.I personally gift. This looks different every June. Some years I have more time and get creative. Some years I have a little more to spend. Some years I feel more giving; which seems kinda gross to say, but I am super honest and some years I am just over a school year-not over the people, but that feeling has a ripple effect. Summer can’t come fast enough.

Giving something small to a teacher who has been a rock star all year is a no brainer for me. I love saying thank you. Thank you for wearing the FM all year. Thank you for going above and beyond for our student. Thank you for putting up with me showing up in a flurry of distraction. I know that classroom teachers have to follow the IEP-so this is where I see people in my tribe divide. They feel it is not above and beyond. They are doing their job. They are, but I feel like my student might be the only student they ever teach with hearing needs. And this doesn’t grant them an automatic reward, but in my decade plus of teaching I find that most classroom teachers do go above and beyond, it is a new experience and they are my foundation for a great year.

I know people say gift cards are great. They are….I guess. I have to do something more than just the card. I feel like just the card is cold and a easy way out. So, if I give a gift card it has to be prettied up! I have a Cricut and I am not scared to use it. I do not claim to be the queen of crafting, but I give it my best. One year I made these cute paper coffee cups and attached the card to the back. Cricut to the rescue. I also love that I can design, print and cut stickers to add to simple items. I made these stickers to attach to microwave popcorn and a box of candy.

I have also done a basket of fruit or treats with a beautiful note thanking a whole team. I was inspired to do a group gift by one of my former parents. She put all these yummy treats in a basket and wanted the team to take one of everything or maybe just one item. I loved that. Calorie counters took what they wanted and some of us said yes please to all the delicious goodness.

I try not to go crazy. I don’t want people to feel awkward or look like a nutter, that is going overboard. So my goal is to say thank you, I appreciate you, with everyday simplicity. Something sweet, chocolate, a new cup, or something I find in a dollar bin at Target to inspire me.

All gifts need a tag. The berry tags above I found on Teacher Pay Teachers. I needed new tags this year, so I made new ones and put the resource in my store to help others snazz-up whatever has inspired them to say thank you.

The hunt is on! I am looking for this years “thing” that says thank you. You are awesome. You made my job so much easier. I see a red cart in my near future. The final weeks are here and I need to giddy up. I wish you luck putting together something special and fabulous. If you want to share or comment I would love to hear from you.


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