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Sticky Note Obsessed: 3 Ways I Use Daily

Plan Book Notes

This year I have gone back to a paper planner. I took a break for the past two years doing an electronic, web based planner. I enjoyed the web format, but I really missed the act of writing things down.

I downloaded a planner from Teachers Pay Teachers that I could punch the pages and use my Happy Planner rings with. The size of the squares are perfect to fit the smaller 2×2 inch sticky notes.

I buy fun colors and mix it up in my book. I write my session notes on the sticky, then stick it right over my planner square.

I present my sticky notes for the week.

Insta Lessons

Sometimes a teacher throws something at me upon arrival. I have learned to roll with it and whip out the sticky notes! Being itinerant can be difficult at times, but keeping my favorite tools in my bag has made teaching easier and less stressful.

Insta lesson ideas:


I love these…bright ideas…found at the Dollar Tree


Auditory discrimination

Letter and sound recognition



Practicing our speechreading and calendar skills.


Verb search from a story/auditory activity.

Matching games

Word scrambles


I can write what is needed quickly and I love that the kids love them. They are colorful, stick to the table and stick to eachother. My students love being able to manipulate them-depending on the activity.

I can take a simple sequencing activity and stretch it. Combining two goals in one simple activity.

Book Tabs & Tags

When reading a novel with students or even a picture book I always find vocabulary students don’t know. I tab the words in the book, so I can review and revisit. I like to write questions, predictions and inferences on a sticky and stick them on specific pages or on the inside cover to save for later. I write student responses as well. Sticking the questions on the pages to reflect on at a later date.

Haven’t finished yet…so far we love it. Book review in the future!

I love to have students use the sticky notes to record feelings or ideas they have during the reading or listening process.

This book is currently being read and tagged.

As you can see I love a sticky or post it note. I find them incredibly useful, convenient, portable and practical when teaching all ages of students. I think they are perfect for being on the go all day long.

What tools or materials do you always keep in your “tool bag”?

Drop me a line or comment. I would love to hear from you!

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