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Recharged and Ready to Rock

Always Be YOU….do what you need to be YOU

Spring break is over and I tried to enjoy every minute. If you saw my earlier post my hope for everyone this spring break was to rest, relax and rejuvenate. I shared some ideas on how I like to achieve those three R’s. I was able to do some of them and a few things I hadn’t thought of.  I really tried to make the most of this time off.  I love a vacation away, but sometimes it is nice to appreciate home.


Thank You Spring

Mammogram. Perfect way to start a week off -with a clean bill of health! Pushed the cart at HomeGoods and fed my Rae Dunn addiction.  I found a few things that I “needed”. Watched a sappy, girly movie with my mini me-tissues were not optional. So thankful she now enjoys movies with people.  I love all our years in animation city, but this new phase is pretty great.  Took a family walk and sucked up the sunshine and the signs of spring.


Totally Spoiled

I don’t know if this is considered relaxing, but I painted our guestroom. Not enough guests to keep it the way it was, so Momma gets a room. Virginia Wolfe would approve. It is a work in progress, but I am happy with it so far. Do you need your own space???

This was literally my whole day. I did stop and make dinner for my family….because the paint was drying (haha). Then I was back at it arranging and trying to make sense of things.


Girls day! Shopping at the outlet mall with my mini me. We stocked up on Crocs (love a sale). They are her jam! We found the cutest silver glitter pair ( there is a 3rd pair, but she put them on as soon as we got home).  Got some mothers day gifts purchased.  Felt good to get it done a few weeks before.  Vera Bradley made it a very easy task to buy something pretty for blessed women who don’t really need or want a thing.   Panera for lunch. I was super happy they have this new (or at least to me) chocolate cookie that is gluten friendly.  Delish! Calories don’t count on vacation….right?! After we refueled…Hobby Lobby.  Found some cute things for the wall in my work space.  Trying to have a positive and inspiring place to get all the things done.  We went out to dinner as a family….yep 2x eating out.  Had to be done. It’s break!


Family Mini Golf

Did a couple of hours of work.  Trying to finish a resource for my TpT store. I have had this idea for my students advocating for themselves for a bit.  My hubs took a half day and then it was time to turn off the Chromebook…family first! We went to lunch and then did a round of mini golf.  Who says winning doesn’t feel good!?! Haha!


Popcorn Always

So typically I love to make it to Friday, but this Friday meant break is coming to a close-what better way to spend it, than to go to the movies and watch a little action! We went to see Avengers: End Game.  It was superhero packed-zipping my lips on the details. One thing I can say is it is long and we made sure we got all the good snacks!

The rest of the day was very rainy day blah.  A gluten free pasta dinner at home, Marvel movie marathon running in the background and some TpT work.  I happily put 2 new resources in my store.  I need both of these things.  I am already starting to think of end of the year teachers gifts for my teachers and my child’s teachers.

Check these out

I really have been thinking about this advocacy resource for  while. I just needed to sit down and do it. I have most of my annual reviews completed, but I am forecasting for next years advocacy goals. I needed something simple and clear for all parties involved.

A little work was inevitable!


I have grown to love a filter!!!

Woke up early to go to yoga. I love it once I am there, but I always struggle to leave the house to go workout-especially when it is bleak outside. My Rae Dunn BEAST mug said it all! Getting a good flow in tames the inner struggles. An hour of just listening to the instructor and listening to my breath is a practice for me, because it is hard to not listen to my inner monologue and to do lists. Surrender to the mat!

Got some baking in. This gingerbread girl needed a sweet treat-heavenly with coffee.

We wrapped our Saturday with a very lovely and lively dinner with friends. It feels so good to connect with people you adore. Our lives get too hectic sometimes, so it is nice to enjoy simple moments where everyone was device free and happily social. The kids were great, so a stop at Dairy Queen was the perfect way to say goodnight.


Family Fun

I got up close to my workday alarm time. Tomorrow is going to be an early wake-up, so it was nice to get up by myself and enjoy my morning caffeine just listening to the birds. We had no idea what to do today. Do we do all the Sunday prep things or try to stretch this break out 1 more day. We stretched it out. We decided to do some free family fun and go to the power authority. It was nerdy fun for a couple of hours, then back to reality….laundry and meal prep, planning and errands.

Back to Reality

If you were off this week I hope whatever you did with your time was enjoyable. That you had some time to decompress. I think starting tomorrow there are eight weeks left in my school year. Depending on where you are maybe less. Whatever your count down is, I hope you can enjoy these last weeks. I hope you accomplish whatever you need to finish out 2018-2019. I know this week really put me back on track. I had time to think about what I need to do to make these next two months great. Bye bye spring break….see you next year (maybe on a beach). If you want share what made your week off that would be awesome!


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