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4 Little Things That Shape an Itinerant’s Day of Travel

As an itinerant or person who travels for work…do you have a list of the best places to:

Copy, print, eat, park, and of course use the bathroom?

I know that I do. My time is limited and priceless at points in my day, so I need to know where I can have the best and most productive day. Work spaces are what they are. I try to make the best of any space a school will give me and I have written about awesome spaces in previous blogs, here I am focusing in on the other bits of my intinerant day.


So this is how I start my day…parking at my first school. Depending on the weather, my mood and if I am pressed for time where I park is very important. I typically don’t care in beautiful weather, but seeing that I teach on the run in all four seasons this location will change. This ties in directly to my mood. I am not a cold weather lover, so ice and snow prompt me to park as close as I can. I always find it interesting how being a few minutes earlybor late can alter where I park as well. One year parking as late as I could was best. I didn’t have to battle the parent carpool line.

Do you have a “spot”???

Printing and Copying

These two aspects to my job are incredibly important. I have had years where the only place I can get anything done is at home. I do not love this….last time I checked teachers don’t get paid enough, so if I can get work done for my students in their buildings, like the classroom teachers, I appreciate it very much. Ink can be pricey and I try to be thrifty!

So, I try to make the most of the resources provided to me. I am very thankful when I have access to these tools. I find I am more inclined to create more resources and activities. I am always trying to keep it fresh for my students and myself.

I have found that making a friend in a building or just asking is incredibly helpful. I never assume I can use resources, so I ask where and what I can use.

  • Copy machine
  • Printing
  • Color prints
  • Lamination
  • Library books
  • Website ID and passwords

Eating Lunch

If you have read other blogs you will know I am conflicted with eating lunch in school. Sometimes I enjoy it and look forward to eating with the staff I work with. I love building friendships. Then there are times I keep a low profile. This typically hinges on how welcome I feel.

Now there is a third reason I do not munch and gab with school peeps….it’s call zero time! I am running my gluten free, gingerbread girl, butt off and have zero time. This is sadly a reality for many itinerants. We run and often eat in between kids-which is in the car or in our work space.

I am sure there are other reasons that keep itinerants out of staff lunch rooms:

  • Being outside in your car with the windows down, music playing and fresh air is a beautiful perk.
  • Wanting to stay positive…I think we know lunchrooms can be a place to vent
  • Needing alone/down time.


Now this seems to be maybe a tacky thing to mention, but in my world I like to know where the best pottys are!!! I think no matter where you work you care and have an opinion.

Things I look for or try to avoid:

  • Location-I can not wander on a tight schedule
  • Kids vs. Staff-primary sized toilets are a thigh workout, even for petite peeps
  • Cleanliness
  • The toilets and sinks-auto is awesome, the less I have to touch the better
  • Staff bathrooms NOT off of a lunchroom….never understood this
  • Hooks-I need a place to hang a coat or bag

As you can see I have thought alot about this. When nature calls…a girl has needs!

I really do love my job. Figuring out how to do my best doesn’t always have to do with lesson plans and materials. I am sure, no matter what you do, you too look for the best of the best to be an effective worker.

Here’s to rocking out your work place!


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