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4 Hydrating Beauty Products I am Obsessed with for Summer

I just ordered more Beekman 1802 products this week. I know I posted about the cream and soap a while ago, but I have added two new items to my beauty bag. It is kind of silly to be so pumped about beauty products, but I am not very complicated (hahaha) and with this hot summer weather these are doing an awesome job at keeping me hydrated, without the sticky greasy feel of some products. I am beginning to think that goat milk might be magical.

Whipped Body Cream

I wrote about this before in a previous post….nothing has changed about this product except for the fact that I have less of it! I consider this self-care, not vanity. I find that the older I am getting my skin demands different things than it did in my 20’s and 30’s. I need more moisture, but I hate lotions and potions that make my feel dirty, heavy or greasy. I want to feel like I’m not wearing a cream or lotion. This body cream absorbs right in and keeps me feeling great.

Unscented Soap

I am not crazy about a lot of smells out there. Many things give me that puke headache, so it is nice that this brand sells unscented options. The unscented is awesome to keep me feel good and if I do choose to wear fragrance (headache free options), there is zero conflict. This soap lathers up and rinses clean. It is soap, so I don’t think a lot of explaining needs to be done, but I can say it has brought me back to bar soap. I don’t feel tight or itchy after bathing and it works for shaving my legs too!

Hand Cream

This is a category of beauty products I struggle with. I have very dry hands. I often think they look 10 years older than my face, when they aren’t moisturized(insert sad, wrinkle free face). However, even with my granny hands I still detest the feel of lotion on my hands. I especially do not enjoy how lotions and creams can effect the function of my hands. I don’t want them to be slippery or tacky. I have used this cream every day since it arrived. It sinks in and does none of the above. It immediately went into my tote bag. Second new favorite thing.

Cuticle Cream

I bought this in a duo

Drum roll please…..this might be my absolute new favorite thing. It is a luxurious and practical product. It feels heavenly, but is not complicated. It is a hard balm in a tiny pot that packs a huge punch. I rubbed it in and was IN LOVE. It made my cuticles look and feel better, with out weighing my digits down. I could text and type easily; it didn’t leave residue on my screen. I think for the typical user you will like this, but for someone like me who picks their cuticles daily (horrible and gross habit)…they looked almost presentable after a few treatments. Total win for me. My nails even looked healthier.

Stock Up

So, if you are looking to change up your beauty self-care routine, these products might be total winners for you too. I know you can get them directly from Beekman 1802 or you can order from QVC. That’s how I ordered. I love how things come bundled together on QVC’s website. I am all about being thrifty. I am adding the sites. I get zero compensation, but 100% happiness from sharing.

If you likes these tips-drop me a line or like this post. 🐞

If you think a friend might be in need- please share.🐞

If you have any questions or comments I would love to hear from you!🐞

Stay hydrated 😄


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