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Audible Books: Winter 2022

While I have been trying to pick up a book and read more I find myself having zero problem uploading a new Audible selection on a weekly basis. January and February have been filled with mystery, crime and a few gasps. I also found myself talking outloud to my car speakers when I was shocked or proud of myself for making good predictions.

Here are some of my winter listens. I might have left a few books off my list that I didn’t enjoy or finish because I didn’t want to waste time on something I didn’t like. All of the books here I would recommend.

Not usually into something about an affair, but I liked this.
This book was very pleasant to listen to.
Waiting for this author to release the next book!!!
This book was a bit different, but it was easy to listen to in between my schools.
This one was good. I could see as a movie…maybe a TV movie.
This wasn’t very long and was a fast listen.

Check these out if you like a mystery and an interesting female lead character. I am currently listening Verity by Colleen Hoover. I have heard a lot, but not a lot about it, and thought why not. Totally keeping the mystery streak going. I’ll keep you posted.


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