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Top 10 Audible Books: 2021

Last year listing to Amazon Audibles started as a car thing. Driving from school to school listening to a story instead of the radio. Don’t get me wrong, I love music, but I found I really enjoyed listening to a story. I can get lost in an Audible book just as much a physical book and listening to a story is a beautiful distraction from the real world.

I decided to compile my top 10 listens for this year. I am not a book critic, so I am not going to analyze or critique these stories…I’ll leave that for the experts. These are just the books that I really enjoyed listening to in the car, in the kitchen, working out and even getting ready in the morning. Listening to a good book as gone outside of the car and has worked its way into many areas of my life. I find that listening to a book turns off my overthinking brain and allows me to get tasks done in peace….or suspense!

These books are in no particular order. I struggled to pick 10. How could I then rank them?! My reading taste can be all over the place and mood dependent, I don’t stick to one genre, so this is just a mini buffet from my library.


This book was fabulous. I read the Huntress next. I also listened to the mini follow up Smoke Signal. waiting for her next book!!!


This took me chapters to get into. Kinda creepy and dark. Good ending.


Lisa Jewell is great. She keeps my attention. I also love a British narrator.


All the 90’s vibes.


No mystery or suspense here, just a story.


I really liked this one. I read another book by the same author, it was ok.


This was good. Not too dark and easy to follow.


This was included in my subscription and I was pleasantly surprised.


This was a tad like Outlander…but PG.


So I listened to the series…..couldn’t list just 1 book.

There are more books I listening to this year and may have highlighted in other posts. Reading and books have been a huge part of my life and it is refreshing to discover that one can find a new way to enjoy titles and authors you love, when you think you have no time to read…..just read with your ears.


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