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Lavender Yoga is Summer Magic

Beautiful night for a vinyasa flow.

Breathe in. Breathe out. This is heavenly in a field of lavender with the sun setting and the good vibes flowing.

Being outside, doing yoga, was something I have always been shy about. I hate being hot and do not love bugs, but this summer I am embracing it. Inside yoga is not an option, so I stepped out of my comfort zone and I am so happy I did.

We were given instructions on the cutting and varieties of lavender to cut.

My beautiful yoga teacher held a class outside in a lavender field. This was a ticketed event. Worth every penny! So many wanted to attend, she opened a second session. She is a lovely human and the farm we were at was equally as giving.

I placed my clippings on my dashboard for the drive home…heavenly.

We picked before we flowed. This was lovely and relaxing. Everyone seemed at peace. Conversations were quiet and appeared to be happy. I think many were happy to be in a tranquil location and able to socialize.

People really respected the space and eachother.

Masks were required for check in and close group socialization, but when it was time to flow mats were 6 feet or more apart. The field offered natural barriers. This made it easy to find a spot to practice.

I learned there is white lavender.

I left feeling and smelling fabulous. I hope she makes this and annual event. With the sun setting and the lavender breeze filling my lungs, it is yoga like no other.

Bees were everywhere but they wanted nothing to do with us. Maybe it was all the positive vibes!?

Just another way I am trying to enjoy summer and practice some selfcare.

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