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Tell Me Something Good

30 days. 30 days of social distancing. It has been an experience and it continues to be an adjustment. One thing that seems to be a weekly take away is people need people.

A small message can mean so much. I have been trying to reach out and be present with my tribe. Some people I naturally communicate with more, but for people I would typically see at my schools and places I frequent I am making a concerted effort to check in.

Ways to Check-in

  • Text
  • Call
  • Video
  • Meme
  • Pictures
  • Group thread
  • Email
  • Card
  • Letter
  • Care package

Be that person who makes an effort to connect.

I know it is tough to be positive, to be present, and to be productive when you are staying safe and staying home. Maybe you can’t be that ray of sunshine everyday, but if you can…shed your inner light on your tribe, your people. Doing good feels good. You’ll be feeding two souls at once.

Something to consider. I hope you are well. I hope this makes you stop and say hmmmmm??