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Reorganizing and Reevaluating While Being At Home

How many of us are trying to make the most of this very weird time off??? I know as I am walking in my neighborhood, to get a daily dose of air and steps, and while out I see the curb loaded with trash on garbage night. People seem to be taking advantage of the hours at home and are filling them with mass purging.

I know we have things in our basement that need to find a new home, but seeing that we are living a life of social distancing, none of the places we typically donate to are currently taking donations. With that reality we had to pump the breaks on purging, but reorganizing is still very doable. There are many areas in my house that I am reevaluating.

Are you reassessing things in your home?

I am not a professional organizer, but there are a few rules I try to follow when reorganizing. Questions to keep me going.

When was the last time I used this??

This is a question I first ask myself. I am a bit of a saver by nature, but as I have gotten older I find it is easier to part with things because I try to take the emotion out of things. If I haven’t used it in over a year I think about how likely I will use it in the future. If I pause and hesitate too long….time to rehome!

Sometimes this can be difficult if I think about who gave it to me or when I got it. There is that emotional part. I have learned that I need to stop and really think about how important it is to hold onto an item. I struggle at times because I know if someone gave me something they put in thought and care…that is the tricky part.

Reality Check

No matter who bought an item, including myself, I try to think about the need, the purpose and the value it holds in the grand scheme of my house and life. If I can not find solid, nonhoarder reasons -I need to let go. Hiding things in a closet, drawer or cupboard is not giving items a purpose or value. Guilt is not a reason to keep items. I am sure I could fill a page listing items I currently have or clung onto for this reason alone! It is okay to make room, release and move on from “things”.

Who could use this??

This is another question I ask myself or my people. I love passing things onto friends or family. As I have stated in previous posts I very much like variety, but our walls can’t contain all my phases and style mood swings. We pass on kid stuff all the time. It makes us feel good knowing we could give away things we enjoyed, and we hope they bring joy to friends as well.

Donate or Sell?

When getting ready to purge we often have this common conversation: Do we still need this? Who can use this? Do we donate? Do we sell it?

I can say more than 99% of the time we donate or give away. I know people who are very good at selling items they no longer need or want. I think it is great how they use different online outlets to post and sell. I am actually a little envious of how they manage it, but to my core I am not that person. I know I am not going to take the time to photograph, post, comment and set up a pick up. It is just easier to box up and donate. However if you do want to sell there awesome options online and local consignment stores.

Ignoring the Basement and Opening Closets

One of the easiest places to start reorganizing or purging is my closet. I am terrible at keeping it looking tidy and reorganizing happens biweekly, but a purge is another story. I did a massive overhaul 2 summers ago and it was liberating. I think most of us hold onto clothing items because we think:

  1. I will fit this again.
  2. I got this on sale.
  3. This was expensive.
  4. I could wear this again.
  5. What if I “need” this.

All of these statements we tell our selves can be true. You might wear it again or fit into those sale pants, but what are they doing for you now? Taking up space? Adding to physical and mental clutter? Stressing you out?

If you are ever like me and do the I have nothing to wear or I hate everything in my closet battle, it is time to reevaluate. Time to take a hard look at what gets worn and what gets removed. Seeing that many of us have extra time at home these days it is a perfect opportunity to edit closets and drawers.

Keep, Toss Or Donate

My closet is no different than other parts of my house I ask myself the same questions and start to refold, rehang or pitch items. If I know I really love a piece, it fits great, it is still in good condition or it is fairly new, it stays. Items that hit these categories are easy to keep physically and mentally, it is the items I pause on that go in piles on the floor.

  1. Garbage
  2. Donate
  3. Storage

I am sure professional organizers would agree with the first two, but wonder why a need for storage. Well, because. Because I still do battle with myself over items and don’t want to part with them. I get a storage container and pack them away. I have a basement and space isn’t an issue, so I carry down my questionable pieces, however I do set a time limit. I give the bin 1 year. If I don’t think about it, look for something or revisit the bin-that is my answer. Time to donate.

Once all of these steps are completed, my hope is I feel better, lighter and have a sense of accomplishment. Sort of seems silly in the grand scheme of things, but it works for me! Hopefully I can look in my closet and easily select something to wear…no more closet battle.

During this very odd and unique time finding the good in everyday can be a struggle. Finding mini projects helps me cope with this new, unwanted, restrictive freetime. I am moving on to my mini’s closet next and then maybe some cupboards and drawers that have been begging for a reboot.

I hope you are finding positive and uplifting ways to get through this time of staying home.


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