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Neighborhood Sunshine

Since many of us are staying in, staying home, and practicing social distancing there have been a lot of changes happening. Like I stated in my last post…I am going to look on the bright side, so because I am walking the path of positivity I have been taking real walks in my neighborhood. It is not like I don’t normally walk in my neighborhood, but it is a bit more regular these days.

I’ve seen alot more people walking too. It is nice to see families out. Dogs and kids are getting their steps in. One thing I have seen is so many chalked sidewalks and driveways. I love how kids and adults are coloring my world.

My hope is if you are out and about….6 feet away from strangers or even friends, that you are seeing colorful creativity. We decided to get into the chalk game too. I sort of wish we could have had a Poppins moment, but this is our new reality-no carousel races and tea time with penguins are happening anytime soon.

However, we got this. We can get through this blip on our timeline. Seeing people’s positive pictures and phrases puts pep in my step. It gives me hope that maybe after all of this is over there will be a long lasting effect of community and kindness. An appreciation for simple, basic joy.

If you are inspired to color your outside world I would recommend chalk paint. We only had two colors, but after using it we want to make more colors. It was easy and less messy. We especially loved how it was vibrant and a bit more long lasting.

This was a gift….thankfully we rediscovered in the crafts!
  • Chalk powder
  • Water
  • Foam brush

This could totally be a diy project. Crush or grind up colored chalk into a powder. Add water. Our store bought was very liquidy. I would think maybe a 2 parts water to 1 part chalk.

Whether you use traditional sidewalk chalk or try some chalk paint I am sure any cheerful pictures or messages will be welcomed and uplifting to those who walk by. We are in this together, stay safe!


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