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I saw this little pin and thought to myself this is a funny but true statement. I am not sure who thought of this phrase, but thank you. This is spot on for how I feel most Sundays.

Do you ever get a case of the Smondays?

I clearly do and I think I need to find some sort of remedy for this feeling. I know exactly when it starts to kick in…4:30ish every Sunday night. Just before the reality of making dinner. Just before I start the Sunday night routine. There is no getting out of dinner or the Sunday night checklist, but I started to think about how I could small changes, that might reset my mind and alleviate that Smonday feeling.

Start with Saturday

I love Saturday. No alarm. Morning yoga. These two things make me happy and kick off the weekend with a smile. A cozy cup of coffee in peace and quiet is also a relaxing way to get my Saturday started.

While I was enjoying my bit of caffeinated peace and quiet, I started thinking what can I do on Saturday that I would typically do on Sunday. What chores or activities can I do a day early to mentally fake myself out.


  • Pack backpack(s)
  • Laundry
  • Set out/plan outfit for Monday
  • Put stuff in the car for my work week
  • Tidy up my car
  • Laundry

I try to make a nice make a nice dinner on Sunday. I typically have more time and feel like it is a way to set us up for a good week, however this often backfires. Many a roasted chicken has had to listen to cranky conversations, a child who doesn’t want to eat the meal I have slaved over or it is eaten quickly because one of us is feeling pressured to do something in preparation for Monday!

Also, because I usually try to make it nice….because I enjoy cooking and setting a nice table, it has started to look and feel like our last meal. Zero pressure….right?

Last, we talk about the upcoming week. The upcoming activities, meetings, appointments and logistics in chauffeuring the child around for the weekend. It seems perfectly reasonable and a good use of time, but in reality I think it adds a cloud of stress over the dining table.

So, I think Sunday night dinners need a reboot.

  • No weekly planning pow wow.
  • No elaborate meal or new recipes…I have time for this in the summer.
  • No expectations-just eating

Sunday Night Chilling

Once dinner is over and cleaned up I think it is time to chill out. Whatever that might look like, my hope is it will feel amazing. Ending the weekend doing nothing or something fun with my peeps seems like heaven.

Possible Ways to Chill/ Decompress:

  • Game Night
  • Reading
  • TV
  • Watch a movie
  • Family walk
  • Workout
  • Baking
  • Crafts
  • Home spa treatments

My hope and wish is to get into a new Sunday routine and never have a case of the Smondays again. Nobody wants a case of the Smondays! Here’s to sensational Sundays. Sundays that sooth the soul and set us up for our week.

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