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15 Day Yoga Challenge

I love the pastel camo mat. It was not expensive, but it also doesn’t have alot of grip.

New Years goal was to start 2020 happy and try to make healthy choices. My yoga teacher posted a 15 day challenge, starting January 1, I loved this idea. I was pumped to post a daily pose, but the universe had other plans for me.

I started the year with the flu….yes the flu.

Child’s Pose…this was very tight and felt so strange after laying in bed for days.

The first four days I was beyond sick. By day five I was showered and was hoping to post, so the first five pictures/poses are in the same outfit because it was time to make-up and wake up my body.

Downward Dog
Upward Dog

This pose was so hard for me when I started going to yoga last March. It was also very difficult this day. The flu was kicking my butt, but I was determined to push up mentally and physically.

Gate Pose
Coughing and taking a break.
Puppy Pose….this was a challenge. The breath needed. I struggle with this pose on a good day.
Warrior 1

I think it funny, how when I am in a pose I FEEL like I am deeper or maybe using good form, because when I saw pictures I have very different opinions. I really thought I was deeper in my legs. Taking pictures might become a good way to gauge my progress.

Warrior 2
Black and white photo disguises the odd color combination.

Are you noticing a trend???? Yep Pajamas. Comfy and ugly, but all I could do. Setting this daily pose goal really helped me when I was sick.

Oh and if you are thinking flu and fitness don’t go together, you are right. I literally could only do the daily pose for the day, but it felt so good to do something.

Half Moon

Look close at my face. Ha! I dread this pose. I hate hearing my yoga teacher suggest half moon. Balance poses and I are not friends. They remind me of how weak I am and how much work I need to do. So, I should probably do more, but who loves to do more of something that stresses them?

I was very lucky this is a picture and not a video! The picture below is two seconds later. Half moon quickly became hot mess moon.

And nope! Can’t hold for long.
Side Angle
Reverse Warrior

I love where I am going with my practice. I love that I can move now and I don’t take it for granted. I am far from good, but I keep at it. This challenge was sort of the push I needed. I do not often post pictures of myself. I am just not that confident, but I wanted to try and support my yoga instructor. She is fabulous and I try to support all the lady bosses I know.

Sugar Cane Pose….never did this before.
Dancer Pose
Tree Pose

Like I stated, I struggle with balance poses. I never have my leg this high in class. Thankfully it was working this day. I magically could hold this with ease.

Total win!

Camel Pose….feeling like I needed alot of happy color. This picture was taken after my first class post flu.
Bridge….I tried for full wheel….not cute, so this was as good as it got day 15.

Doing the 15 day challenge was out of my comfort zone for sure. The yoga no, but the idea of people possibly judging was a bit intimidating, but after I posted the first 5 I relaxed. I think my fashion choices clearly show I just was thinking about the pose. My take away from this process is just go for it.

Dirty hair….who cares?!

Terrible outfit….who cares?!

Bad lighting….who cares?!

Not perfect…who cares?!

Just go for it. Don’t let your self doubt stop you. Tell that voice to hush up and slay.


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