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5 Observations On My Gluten Free Journey

Whether you read my blog on a regular basis or this is your first time- welcome. Writing about being gluten free is going to be something that I want to post about on a semi regular basis. This is still new way for me to live and I feel like I learn different things all the time.

My hope is my story will connect with you on some level.

I have only been living GF for 19 months. I am still a newbie to this lifestyle. I did not choose this-it choose me. Celiac was finally my diagnosis to a 15 year struggle with IBS.

To live my best life I have to eat gluten free.

I have written other posts about this journey, so check back through my blog. Some of those are a combination of positive and sad feelings about going GF. Each one was written in real time as I make my way on this new path.

Here I want to focus on a handful of positive observations I have had lately.

Bye Bye Angelsoft

This may seem like a silly thing to write about or too much information, but it is a solid reality. We shop for and by less toilet paper. I don’t live part time in the bathroom anymore!!!! Saving money and time….winning .

Bye Bye GPS

Not stressing about where to find a bathroom is a new observation. I used to plan around if and where a restroom would be. This anxiety I had over making sure there was one made my day miserable, especially with travel. It became a norm sadly, but now I recently stopped doing it. I am just going about my day care free. This little stone is gathering no moss.

Bye Bye Butterflies and Anxiety

So now that I don’t have that panic, stress and worry over: feeling sick, will I be sick, or when will the cramps kick in- I noticed about a month ago I don’t have that jittery feeling anymore. I think it is a two part situation.

1. My physical health is improving

2. My mental health is improving

Bye Bye Bloat

This is one of my favorite changes. It is a new sensation to not feel gross all the time. It is great to fit in my clothes after eating a meal. It is awesome to not hear a thunderstorm in my stomach. That was sometimes embarrassing. I could cover up the other two with a fake smile and a loose outfit, but I couldn’t hide the rumbling.

Bye Bye Fatigue

This is a battle I have won. I used to complain about being tired. I was sort of a broken record. I don’t think I was even aware how annoying and fatiguing I was! Now if I am tired it is a normal sort of tired. I don’t wake tired.

  • I am not up sick in the middle of the night and I sleep better.
  • My inflammation is down and I sleep better.
  • I can do yoga now…..I sleep better.
  • I can accomplish more in my day….I sleep better.

Hello Happiness

Finding what works I think is the key to any necessary change. I have adjusted my diet and seen life changing benefits. At first I was happy I had an answer, then I was mad at all the food I couldn’t eat and now I am just trying to find balance with my new existence. Allowing myself grace, knowing I might have a bad day and trying to practice patience with the process.


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