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Itinerant Teacher Book Picks: Picture Books

I love a Scolastic Book Fair.

I don’t know if it is just me, but I totally love it when I see a book fair roll into one of my schools. I love shopping for my students…or should I really say for myself. Haha. New books are right up there with new crayons, fresh markers and new stickers.

I love seeing new titles or titles I might have not been interested in at a previous sales. I have a good size collection already, but I get inspired by new authors and illustrators. New stories enhance a lesson that might be stale and in need of a reboot.

Free tote bag…#bookjoy

I had to get this one….the squirrels look so cranky! The title is a lesson in itself. It is very fun, fast moving and has a plethora of colorful and complex language. I am excited to use this with muti ages. I love being able to take something that seems like it is for my littles and use it with my older students.

I like stories that also have a series or style that my students recognize. There is something comforting in the familiar.

These Old Lady books are always fun. Why shouldn’t she go to space…she has already eaten so much on earth. She is limitless.

I have a few versions of the three little pigs and when I saw this one I had to have it. I think seeing characters and stories told from different perspectives helps students see that a story doesn’t need to be told just one way. I have a few versions of the Little Red Hen. I have loved those stories for 15 plus years. One so much it is taped together.

They are great to compare and contrast.

This book is adorable. It has great illustrations, humor and is actually informational. I love a book that teaches science in a fun and engaging way. It is sometimes a struggle for me to teach science concepts, so when I can cute it up I am all in!!

This title says it all. I think my students struggle at times to make friends. Sometimes it is communication issues or they are just shy. Either way I want each and every child to feel like they have one or two friends. School is tough sometimes…for teachers too and I think without friends it is even harder, so I think it is my job to help my students learn how to make connections.

This style of post will be reoccurring. I feel there will be new titles in my future….of course there will be! There are plenty of bloggers who review books…i am staying in my lane. I just want to share what I am using and my hope is it can work for you too.

Happy Reading with your students!!!