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My latest book club meeting was fabulous. We had amazing conversations about the book and other things…hahaha. Of course we did. But seriously this book generated alot of conversation and new revelations.

I did not buy a physical book this time. I opted to listen via Amazon Audibles. I am still fairly new to this mode of “reading”, but I think after this book I might try it more often.

Any of the ladies who listened to the book felt it made the experience easier and added to the creep factor with this story. We felt hearing the two voices read the chapters helped us focus on the storyline and added another layer to the characters.

There were upsides to reading the physical book. Some ladies felt they could get through the pages quicker than listening and one woman said listening caused her to nod off and miss parts of the story. Which I think is a hoot! I know if I was nodding off it would be more difficult to “rewind” to where I drifted off, because I am a very visual learner and I can envision the page and the words when I need to go back to a book, but what I heard might prove to be more difficult.

This story was suspenseful and kept many of us guessing. Not much I can say….I don’t want to give the story away and I am by no means a book reviewer! However, I will say I felt like no one is a winner in this story and not one of the main characters has a good moral compass.

We had alot to say!!! I tried to keep my potty mouth on lock down. These characters sort of annoyed me.

Love meeting up with these ladies. There were gluten free brownies!!! I’ve posted it before, but I can not say it enough…I Love My Tribe.

Our next book is a bit different and seems like we won’t be biting our nails, but we are heading into Thanksgiving and it seems fitting to read something more emotional. Our host offered two options and we choose what we viewed as a bit more Hallmark.

Even the cover is Fall ready!!

I am still deciding of I am going to listen or read. I might poll my Instagram followers for an answer. That could be fun.

I’ll keep you posted on what I choose or what sort of response I get. If you have an opinion you can always send me some feedback!!!

Okay….so I did the poll

Barnes and Noble here I come!!!