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Family Fun: Waterfront Walk and Lunch

After we finished touring the submarine and science center we decided to leave the car in the lot and walk along the river to lunch.

The weather was perfect and it was nice to take advantage. Soon we will be looking at snow…not my favorite, so I am living up these fabulous fall days.

My hubs picked some restaurant owned or named after a Pittsburgh Steeler. I am not a football aficionado, so the name ment nothing to me, but he was curious. We aren’t Steelers fans, but it was a Sunday and there were TVs everywhere with multiple games. He was happy.

Thank you Jerome

I was ecstatic when I asked for a gluten free menu. The very sweet server brought me the menu and then proceeded to explain that my meal would be prepared in a back kitchen and come out on a circular plate. They bring out all allergy meals on a round plate and the rest of the meals are served on square plates.

Chips and Queso….yes please!!!!

I was almost in shock that this was their level of service. I ate stress free and felt relaxed when ordering. I didn’t have to explain myself or apologize for all the menu questions.

Because I had NONE!!!!!

Pulled pork and fries….looks kinda blah…but it was good

If you are gluten free and in the Pittsburgh area I highly recommend stopping in for a snack, happy hour, or a meal.


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