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Sunday Funday: Sunshine and Sunflowers

Sometimes just a sprinkle of sunshine can make for an uplifting and beautiful day. We went to a local sunflower field to take some pictures and soak up the last days of summer vacation.

  • The weather was perfect.
  • The bees were busy.
  • The flowers were in full bloom.
  • The company was perfect.

What is it about sunflowers?

Don’t they just make you smile!?

Told you so!

We probably spent about an hour or two walking the field, sipping lemonade and taking it all in. There was a small craft show. I love looking at things people crafted with love and passion.

Baby Gift….the woman who made it was lovely.

This was a splendid, suntastic family day!


I am holding onto the last days of summer vacation…before school starts. This time of year is always a mix of emotions, but standing in the middle of a field of sunshine and busy bees…it was nothing but happiness.

This is how I Sunday

It was sort of awesome to see all the bees hard at work. One would think standing in a buzzing field might be scary or concerning, but they wanted nothing to do with us. I’ve never been stung, so I am always mindful, but these busy bees were working overtime.


The bees were busy, but we were all about the funshine!

I suggested our mini adventure, but then almost changed my mind and thought I would work on some back to school projects. I’m so glad I didn’t. The projects will get done, eventually, but the memories made and time we spent as a family is irreplaceable.

My People

Doing small things can be so huge for the soul.

This Girl!!!

If you regularly read my blog posts you know I try to listen to my inner voice…go with my gut. Today it said sunshine and sunflowers. I’m glad I listened.

Wander…..with the ones you love.

Explore your own “backyard”.

Make memories.



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