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Staying Connected To Your Tribe

Schools out for summer!

Every summer I typically have a project to do list or goals. The school year gets too hectic and I put many things off in my head for summer vacation. This summer was no different except for the things to catch up with were my peeps.

I decided that projects can wait, but friendships can not.

This connecting looks very different for each friend, but I have made a solid effort to make time. Make new memories. Make myself a priority.


We all do it. It works. It is fast.

No matter how far a friend is-a text is a text. I love that out of state peeps seem like they are in my backyard. Getting pictures via text always makes me happy and allows me to feel part of someone’s world. Seeing shoes she is shopping for, vacation pictures or what’s for dinner gives me the feeling of having a backstage pass. Sometimes this is all we have to stay connected to those far away. For as much as I would like to toss my phone, some days, I am grateful for the speed and efficiency it provides. Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words.


Who ever invented these is brilliant. I love getting and giving. They are typically funny and to the point. No need for words here. I love when I receive one and a friend has tweaked the outfit or hair. I change mine with the seasons. Do you change yours up?

Phone Calls

This was my teenage jam. The phone! As a busy working mom not so much, but I have a few friends that this is the way we stay connected. It is usually in the car. Busy working moms multitask. If the backseat is full the conversation is PG, but if it is empty let the colorful adjectives fly free. Filter free baby!

Somedays the conversation still needs to happen in the driveway or an extra lap around the block…because if you get out of the car you might as well just hang up. And sometimes these driveway chats are long and necessary.


Back in the day I loved seeing what messages were in my daily inbox. Long ones. Short ones. This was really all I had before texting. I love it when I get one now that isn’t something I should buy or a bill pay reminder.

A new friend crafted the most thoughtful and supportive email this summer. She was just being her lovely self, but that email made my week. When your in a funk sometimes the smallest kindness can pull you out. Set you back on your path. Email is often deeper than a text. I think the layout and size allow for more, so you often get more words and thoughts than from a text.

Something to consider if you have alot to say or share.

Meet Ups

These are obviously my favorite. Nothing beats seeing a beloved friend. They don’t need to be complicated or fancy. Just spending time is enough.

Some of my favorite ways to hang:

  • Tea/Coffee
  • Manicure/Pedicure
  • A walk
  • Someone’s house
  • Shopping
  • Lunch
  • Brunch
  • Crafting/Creating
  • Yoga

Sometimes they are a group or one on one. However they happen I know I need this time. Hanging with my gal pals does something for the soul.

I love family time, but there is something special that happens when you just get to be yourself for a bit, not mom the multitasker or super wife.

However you keep up with your tribe, keep doing it.

This is necessary to be the best you.

If you lost a member along the way, reconnect if it is worth it.

Sometimes it happens and sometimes it was ment to happen. We all evolve.

Be brave and make a new friend.

This can be scary at any age, but if you see someone you think might be an awesome addition to your tribe….say Hi!

If you feel like dropping me a line or an email-awesome!


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