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Harry Potter: A Family Affair

Curiosity was peaked a few years ago. Who was this Harry Potter? Were we going to like this chosen one?

We did and we do!

Popcorn and Potter

We started with a the first film. This movie was just supposed to be a Friday night amusement, but it turned into the next Friday night and the next. Going to the video store after school on a Friday was something we looked forward to. Each film/story pulled us in deeper. As you can see we now own the collection.

  • Potter at the push of a button
  • Portable Potter
  • Lend-able Potter
  • Rainy Day Potter

Whatever we call it it is Perfectly Potter!

Pages and Potter

The books came next. I typically have it a hard rule…read it before you watch it. I find the books are always better than a movie. Movies often try, but there is magic found on the page. Luckily my mini me loved the books just as much as the films. She loved reporting extra details or facts that we didn’t see or possibly pick up in the movies. The best part is she read them….even thought she watched the movies. The power of the pen!

This love for Potter was only growing, so the next step was to head to Hogsmeade.

Potions and Potter

We went to Universal Orlando in search of everything Potter. I have to say…it is very well done. We loved everything about it. There is so much detail and thought put into Diagone Alley, Kings Cross Station, and Hogsmeade.

Boarding the train and traveling to either fantastical land was pure family fun. We loved that this was more than just a train ride. Escaping Dementors was not what we expected.

We did it all, rode it all, were in awe of it all.

We solemnly swear we were up to no good!

Painting and Potter

With all of this love of Harry we naturally had a Harry Potter themed birthday party. It was a painting party where all the children painted owls. It was a very sweet afternoon and even the muggles enjoyed the experience. My mini was in her glory. The soundtrack played as they used their wands to create feathered friends.

Play and Potter

The love still continues in this converted muggle house. We recently attended a Lego event at our local Barnes and Noble. It was free and fun. Children were building golden snitches everywhere! They were looking at books and merchandise with great excitement. I really loved seeing so many of them walking around with more books than toys. Makes my teacher heart full.

Power of Potter

This story came out 20 years ago and it is still delighting fans, bringing in new fans and turning muggles into wannabe wizards and witches. I love that books have this power. The power to take a reader places. The power to connect.

As a family it has been a few years of Potter filled togetherness and I don’t see it going away. I am sure as our daughter gets older it will become less things and more memories. No matter what it has been a powerful connection for us.

Happy Birthday Harry!


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