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Summer…Rest, Relax and Read

Schools out for summer…

How do you like to Summer? I am just beginning my summer and sort of can’t process what I want to do first. I have had things on a mental to do list for for a while and right now I can’t focus. I have that awesome school’s out for summer feeling. If you are a teacher or have summers off maybe you get this feeling too? It is a sense of weightlessness…today. I feel like I can not fully process the idea of not having to set an alarm tomorrow. I was just talking to a friend and she was saying it takes her a couple of weeks to settle into the idea of being off and she has all the plans she is going to work on for next year. This got me thinking….Are teachers ever really off???

I know that I personally have things that need to be done. My car is empty, but it needs a scrub down. Ugh it is awful-the remnants of spring are very visible. Everything I removed from my schools needs to be organized and stored. Right now it is all in a “pile” in my basement. I will attack it very soon. I have learned that if I leave a chaotic school mess for to long it becomes a mountain-so to save myself that crazy lady stress, I will do it sooner than later. This way when I walk downstairs to my teaching zone in August I will feel happy to shop my basement and start putting materials or ideas together for my kiddos. I like it organized. It makes me feel less itinerant and all over the place. So the school calendar is done, but I am still working.

I know many teachers work on new ideas over the summer. If they are making things to put on teachers pay teachers or just revamping something, they are busy. I know I have summer projects that I will work on. I think it is just the reality of what teachers do. I love seeing the Instagram pics of teachers sitting on sunny patios with their teaching tools-ready to put in a few hours of work. It needs to be done and I love that we all can soak up some vitamin D while we work.

I will get a schedule going this summer. My momsibilities keep me to a schedule, but I need something organized for my summer work plans and I am also going to “schedule” in some rest and relaxation. I am not going to be so type A where I plan specific things daily, but I think gentle suggestions for myself can’t hurt. I have had unscheduled or less planned out summers where I feel like I am doing nothing, getting nothing done and feel like it was a waste in September, so a list of ideas is needed for a productive and restorative summer.

Chill List

This seems doable

Reading-I have books I want to read…sort collecting dust at the moment. All the titles I keep saying I’ll have time for once school is out.

Yoga-I need to find another place to practice. I like what I am doing now, but I need and want a challenge. I am no yoga expert, but I just know I could be doing more. So I am going to try something new. My head and heart are telling me I need more.

Get Crafty- I need to make or do something creative this summer. Waiting for inspiration to hit. Maybe find a diamond in the rough and make it useful or look amazing. Sometimes people throw out little gems.

Shopping- not food shopping, not shopping with a purpose or shopping for practicality. I need that wandering, look what awesome deal I stumbled upon shopping experience…with my mini partner in crime.

Girl Time- with friends or my mini…just doing things we like.

Netflix Binge- I need a new show. I know I can now watch season 3 of Riverdale. Yep! Don’t judge, but I love this ridiculously good teen drama. Besides it is talking points with my older students (not the inappropriate parts, of course, but plot, predicting and fashion)! So I think that actually might be summer work.?! Maybe catch up on some movies I keep saying I am going to watch. I’m open to suggestions!

A room with a view

Summer work is already mentally planned. I just need to get down to business and open my Chromebook….make some magic. I set a goal for myself to add at least 20 more products to my TpT store. It is kinda a big goal. I really have a total goal I want by my 1 year anniversary (fingers crossed). I can honestly say…if I don’t put a big dent in it this summer I will struggle finding time and focus once school starts up again, so I need to stay happily focused. This TpT thing is supposed to be enhancing my life-not bringing pressure or stress. Can you feel the zen attitude?!

I also want to grow as a blogger. I like doing this every week. My goal is, if you follow me or just discovered me, that you like what I have to say and want to read more of what I am thinking & doing. I read other peoples blogs and I see there is a definite niche they fit in, but I’m still deciding what that is. And honestly I am not an expert in just one thing or have a crazy passion for just one thing. I really am just trying to live my best life, support my tribe and enjoy what life has to offer. I really do love a “buffet”. I think options are necessary for growth and change.

Here’s to a summer of growth, fun, relaxation and sunshine….June has been rainy. Let’s get out the SPF (which I can not forget-currently suffering from a touch of sunburn) and put the umbrellas and school bags away!

Oh….If you are looking for a new computer click the link below. I love my new, pretty, white Chromebook. It has saved the day. My hubs bough it for me a couple of months ago. I wanted tiny, white and easy to use….check, check and check! I also really wanted to be able to print and apply my ladybug logo. I used printable vinyl and then used my Cricut to cut her out. I had to make it cute!!

 “As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.” 

This is the Chrome book Link

This is the Vinyl….it printed easy, applied easy and it has stayed on!!


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