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So Long, Farewell…See You in September

I started taking things down in my teaching spaces. I love and sort of hate this time of the year. It is always filled with mixed emotions. A month ago myself and many in my tribe were itching for the end of June, but now that it is fast approaching I feel sort of sad. It is like this every year.

I love summer vacation…who doesn’t!?! I love being on my schedule. No alarm. Mommy time. Being off and being in stay at home mom mode is awesome. I suck up every minute of it. Some days we have a plan and some days we go with the flow. I am hoping this summer is a balanced combo of the two.

With longing for the end of June and then 2 months of being off comes the reality that my students and I will part ways for a bit. As an itinerant I will see most of my kids in September. I am never guaranteed that, but I have been happily working in the same area for a few years. Being able to watch my students progress is an unbelievable joy. Classroom teachers get a new crew every year, but some of us get to teach the same kiddos for years….I love that.

So, not seeing them for the summer is a healthy and perfect separation, but I do miss them. I love hearing about their lives. Feeling like I am a tiny part of their world. When we get back in September I love hearing about all of the awesome things they got into. My huge hope is they keep up their skills. Being off for two months can be alot for some kids.

Keeping up skills is so important….had to make work look cute.

This year I put a summer language packet together. I am hoping they work on it. Fingers crossed. I am still thinking of a good incentive for bringing it back in September. I don’t think my smiling face will be enough. Hahaha. I am sure I will find something great….I am a very good shopper.

I need to get a game plan for how and when I am going to clear out my spaces. My car will be a mini explosion for a few days….and then off to the basement my 10 month world will go. I will haul it down and dump it. Then a day in the summer I will organize, purge and revamp things. I like to be ready for September in July. I am not one who leaves a mess or things to the last minute.

Before I pack it up and in for the summer I will take time to tell each one of my students how awesome they are. How they need to fly their flag. How they need to be proud of their achievements. How they need to wear their hearing aids all summer. That they are going to do great in the upcoming grade. Some are transitioning to middle school and they need to know they are ready!!! I will give each of them something they can read or do over their summer months. This year I made these new bookmark awards. I wanted them to see my words. I put these together yesterday. I hope they like them and use them. Maybe they will shove in a drawer, the bottom of a book bag or maybe actually use in a book-they all have summer reading lists. My hope is not toss!


These bookmarks are not fancy or expensive, but I did take time and care in designing them. I did take time to put them together, so I hope they see I do care about them and see what amazing beings they are.

I have only a couple of weeks left in this 2018-2019 school year… has been a good one. I am excited to see what next year will be like. If you have read any of my previous posts you will know that I mark years by school years, so in my mind this year is almost over. My teacher planner shows me that. Aghhh. That is a great things to type out loud! I sort of just realized that. My planbook will be resting, on pause for 2 glorious months!!!!

I’ll post an update to this post before the July holiday. Then I will be done and had a few days to reflect. Check back in with me. If you have any comments feel free to email me, leave a comment, like my post or follow me.

I’m adding my bookmark resource here at the bottom. Check it out. They are cute….atleast I think so. They could be printed and used by anyone really.


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