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Giving Back

In my post “This is How I Sunday” I mentioned my amazing bestie who is putting together a charity walk. She wanted to teach her boys about giving back. I love this. She is doing a great job raising money for her walk and bake sale. I am impressed with her planning and efforts. All of the proceeds are going to a local hospital that specializes in cancer treatment.

So many of us know someone in our past or present who have been touched by this disease. I have family that have passed from cancer and I keep a close watch on my lady bits & my general health.

Cancer comes in many shapes, sizes and colored ribbons (which I think is great how people represent specifically). I can understand why my friend was motivated to support this hospital. It does amazing work and we are very lucky to live in a community that plays such an important role in peoples lives.

When I was a very small child I spent alot of time in the waiting areas of the hospital this walk is supporting. My grandmother had a brain tumor. She went in and out of treatment and procedures there. I thankfully have beautiful memories of her that are not tarnished by my last memories of her. My parents tried their best to protect my brother and I from the harsh reality. Cancer can alter everything.

I’m not a dweller. It doesn’t serve me to stay stuck in a negative space. As I type that I have to be honest- I do have monents where feel sorry for myself. I have lived most of my life without one of my favorite people, but I have lived and that is the importance take away. Keep growing and moving forward.

When I was younger, elementary school, I always signed up to walk in the annual cancer walk. I think those miles are some of my favorite memories from elementary school. My friends and I had so much fun walking and talking. I think, as we were tweens and teens, there might have even been some flirting. So, when my friend told me about her upcoming walk I immediately started to think about how I could help or add something.

My mini me and I decided to craft something. We wanted to make something cute, colorful and easy. We decided on hair ties. What girl doesn’t need more hair ties?! We knew how to make then, but getting the materials was our immediate challenge. We went to two local craft stores and could not find the elastic we needed. Thankfully Amazon was at my finger tips. We ordered 4 different looks. At the store we did get lucky and find the cutest charms to add.

The elastic arrived a couple of days later! Making the ties was very easy: measure and tie. I did heat the ends so the elastic wouldn’t fray.

Next, I needed to add them to the cardstock cards I cut. We decided on four hair ties per card. We think they look cute. I am excited to show them to my friend. I sent her a picture, but they are cuter in person.

I sort if forgot to process my cart for a day or two….I was starting to curse Amazon, but it was me who was delayed. Mentally delayed! Once the bags were actually ordered I got to work making a sticker for the bags.

Once I had all of the pieces it was time to put everything together. I am very happy with the results. I enjoyed every part of this project. The short amounts of time I spent on each aspect was like me time. I know the end result is going for a cause, but it was nice to focus on something enjoyable. I am happy that when I hand these over to my friend I am truly giving her a mini labor of love.

My hope is we sell out! My mini wants to sell them. She thinks her adorable face will be a selling point. This girl!!! I hope she is right. Who could tell a sweet and polite child no!? It is for a worthy cause. I love that she wants to help give back! I think it is awesome how one idea, started in one persons heart, has had this wonderful ripple effect.

As you can see I didn’t make hundreds. We started with 25. It sounded like a good number….25 people who can also give back when they make their donation. I hope we brighten the hair and hearts of 25 people.

The walk isn’t for a couple of weeks. I will post our day of walking and talking. Crossing fingers for beautiful weather and amazing company. I’ll be sure to share what we bake and take too.

You can always send me a comment or question. You can also follow me. I would love to hear from you. How do you give back? What fills you up?


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